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Rejection + Comments = Love

Like a lot of things in my frantic world, this is long overdue.

I got a rejection card from Houghton Mifflin, oh…a month or so ago, but I just didn’t have the heart to talk about it. And it’s not because I had all my last hopes for THE SHORT BUS JOURNAL riding on their thumbs up or thumbs down. …

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Landmarks, Goals, Progress & 100 Pages

So, I hit kind of a big landmark last night and I’m pretty excited about it.

Despite the urging from my Nintendo Wii to go out and play Super Mario Galaxy for an extra hour, I pushed through and hit the 100 page point on my editing/red-penning of GOODHALO. While that might seem like nothing to most (or all) of …

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Okay, so this is kind of a crazy thing.

I got bored this morning, so I did a search on Amazon for my upcoming kid’s book (PATRICK’S SUPER SOCKS) that’s due out next month and found THIS.

How weird is that? It’s like it’s going to be a real book…you know, like the kind you can order? Sure it doesn’t …

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NaNo My Butt.

I wrote a novel called Anna 2.0 in 31 days.

And now I’m tired.…

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Anna 2.0 Meter

Not that anyone is paying that close of attention, but my little meter for the progress on Anna 2.0 is off. The numbers are right and I think my math is pretty close, but they’ve taken down the site that gives me that cool little read-out because of the impending NaNoWriMo thingy happening in a couple of days.

So…yeah. 57,000+ …

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Weekend Round-Up

So, there’s another weekend for the books. It seemed like it lasted longer than most weekends, so that’s kind of a cool thing. Here’s some savory nuggets to chew n’ enjoy.

Birthday – Yep, turned 35 on the 19th, just like I’d planned. It’s so weird to me to be able to be heading toward 40. Crazy, crazy. I picked …

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I wrote 3,495 words tonight.

That’s like some kind of record for me, I think. Especially since I started around 9:40-ish and got distracted and stuff.

My head hurts.

Good night.…

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Those Super Socks

Not much to report today, but I did get an e-mail back from my editor (so weird to say that) in regards to some of the books I’ve got with them that they’ve had for a while. Here’s part of what she said:

“I’ve kept your submissions and will do my best to get them on the list for a …

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Wee Hours

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I’ve had all kinds of interesting new folks stopping by to say nice things or comment on the few paltry things I’ve managed to post here and I sort of feel like I’m neglecting the few folks that actually stop by.

Remember when I used to do Thursday 13? Yeah. Me too. I’ll probably …

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I’ve Been De-Programmed. Temporarily.


It’s weird not hurrying to the computer when the family goes to bed to work on my novel-in-progress. Dare I say it? I feel like a little part of me has died and I don’t know what to do with myself. I swore I’d take 2 months before I start editing the thing, but I’m finding myself fretting and …

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