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High School Drifter – Original Cut

Hey Tappers,

I guess I’ve waited long enough to post this, eh? This here, is the original, festival cut of our 48 Hour Film Project entry “High School Drifter.”

I’m embarassed to say the video quality suffers quite a bit from the few conversions I had to do to get it here, but the real version is beautiful, DVD quality …

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Dun, Done, Dun, Done!!!

So, it’s Tuesday night here in ol’ Woodbury, Minnesota and I’m about as excited as a fella can get. I’m completely rested up from our mad-dash weekend of filmmaking and I’m so pumped about how things turned out, I just can’t stand it.

My new film (written and directed by yours truly) is called High School Drifter and it turned …

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Jack of All Somethings, Master of Whatevs

Hey there. You still hanging around this joint? Yeah? Well, let me slap your hand. Thanks for being there for me. Seriously, if you come to my house…Pancake Puffs. All you can eat.

And yes…I’m the worst. I’ve yet to show you the magic of P-Squared, but I assure you, once I make it through this coming weekend, all shall …

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