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Winter Nerds

Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

I’m going to come right out with it: I think little by little, the Ebenezer in me is fading.  It’s almost like I’m actually okay with the change from fall (best. season. ever.) to winter.  Sure, driving in the snow is enough to make me want to eat glass and the ear-splitting Christmas music …

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Fun With Driver’s Licenses

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m somewhat bizarre.  I have weird little rituals that I follow and I do strange things just because I think someday it might be funny and/or interesting for me to someday look back on.  Or, you know, tell my kids.

Example: I treat my DVDs like they’re antiques.  Seriously.  I place them …

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Updates & A Fair To Remember

Yo, yo. What it is, Tappers.

So, looks like I took the month of August off from the bloggy blog. Sorry ’bout that. Heck, let’s face it. You haven’t been reading anyway. You’ve been busy with summer, updating your own blogs and you know…doing your own thing.

I get it. I do.

Well, I wish I could say that I’m …

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5 Years, Suckas…

April 24th, 2004
Mankato, Minnesota

It sure as heck doesn’t seem like 5 years, but here we are at our ‘Wooden’ anniversary. Who’s idea was it to come up with a material for the anniversary gift we’re going to give each other? Seriously. What am I supposed to do? Go out to the woodpile and find the nicest log I …

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Boys Night

So tonight marks the first night I’ve been left home alone with both boys. You know, all by myself.

It hasn’t been so bad so far. Jake slept long enough for us to eat the pizza we ordered.

Travis made another masterpiece.

But the highlight? We bought a certain KC & the Sunshine Band song and Travis got his groove …

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Oh, hi!

Hey, hey, hey…

That’s supposed to be Fat Albert greeting you to another long-overdue post on the nearly defunct-ness that is my blog, Tappity Tappity. Thanks for stopping in.

Truth be told, I’m feeling like Fat Albert these days. Raising these kids is really knocking me off my working out gameplan. Really. It’s sooo dang tough nowadays to get out …

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Hey Brother!

Big Jake. 6 days old.

Seriously. My new kid hasn’t been here for over 2 weeks already. Has he? Seriously? Must be. I went back to work yesterday and I’m just stunned by how quickly the time has flown. It’s frightening, actually.

If someone’s got the spare time and the funding, I’ve got a research project idea. Let’s see if …

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Jacob Alexander Troupe

He’s here! Our ‘little’ guy came at 10:46am 1/14/09, clocking in at 9lbs, 14oz!!!

I’ll blog all about it when I’m not so tired. If you do Facebook (which you should…), check out my page for a boatload of pictures. Friend me if you haven’t already.

TKT’s Facebook Page

Otherwise, here’s a shot to tide you over!!!

My hero and…

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A Very Troupe-y Xmas

Happy Holidays fans of blogs!

I was going to write about this the day it happened, but you know how it goes…

First of all, we’d went out to get our Christmas Tree a few weeks back. We decided to skip cutting it down ourselves (have you done this? it’s awful. plus, I feel like I’m murdering a tree) and …

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Pious Goodhalo has a face!

Hey kiddos! Well, it’s probably one of those things that’s only exciting for me, but I just can’t help but decorate the halls of Tappity Tappity with this anyway.

Did I mention that I had an artist friend who was interested in beefing up his portfolio? Did I mention that this friend also happens to be my barber? Yes…the same …

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