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I’ll Take Potpourri For 500, Alex.

Because I’m trying to be a better blogger for 2008, I’m going to post something today. Also, there’s this whole thing with me not wanting to knuckle down and do any sort of work just yet. I’m sure you understand.

So, in typical TKT fashion, here are random nuggets that are looking for some air time.

Cell Phone – So, …

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Weekend Round-Up

So, there’s another weekend for the books. It seemed like it lasted longer than most weekends, so that’s kind of a cool thing. Here’s some savory nuggets to chew n’ enjoy.

Birthday – Yep, turned 35 on the 19th, just like I’d planned. It’s so weird to me to be able to be heading toward 40. Crazy, crazy. I picked …

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You know, as much as I love October and think this is the best time of the year, I’m really anxious for this October to be over.

– The weather has been crap. I want a crisp, brisk, autumn. Instead, it’s rained like all but 6 days this month. I’m usually not affected by weather (I live in Minnesota, after …

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Tagged – 8 Little Facts About Me

My good friend and fellow writer Jillian (The Write Way Home) tagged me with a little game where I’m supposed to come up with some factoids about myself. I’ve got some downtime between training classes, so I thought I’d see if I can’t pump out stuff that’s somewhat fascinating (riiiight…) and interesting (sure…) about your ol’ pal, TKT.

First, here …

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Closing In

Well, I’m getting ever-closer to getting my work-in-progress GOODHALO done. While I don’t know that 75,000 words will finish it off, I do see the end of this first book in sight. I have a feeling it’s going to take 90,000 to get it told and that I probably won’t be able to finish it by September 1st.

That’s totally …

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Nuggets O’ Fun

Dang. I feel like I’ve been letting my handful of readers down by not putting up posts as often. I know I said it’d be pretty thin this month, but I feel guilty. I know it drives me nuts to log into a blog I love only to see the same Title day after day after day…

So, I’ve compiled …

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Things That Have Happened Recently

Little TKT in a rare moment of charity, 7.4.07

I gotta prepare my latest entry in the Thursday 13 series, so I’ll hit you up with some quickies.

1. Dyed my hair. Got sick of looking like my dad, so I darkened it up. Funny thing. People would always comment on my graying hair (you look so distinguised!). So far …

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