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Nuggets of Delight

Thought I would do a scatter-shot of stuff that’s happening in my world.  That way you don’t have to waste time reading about stuff you don’t care about.    You can be all like: Ugh…who cares about his books?…and then skip onto the next thing.  You see how I do that?

I do it for you.  I do it ALL for …

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Where You Been, TKT?

Friends of the Interwebsticles,

It’s been a murderous few weeks…nay, month or so. I won’t regale you with the details but they include:

– A weekend of being Mr. Mom (while Laura was sick with some evil flu)
– Editing ANNA 2.0
– Helping my uber-talented critique partner get her book ready for prime-time
– Work craziness
– Organizing our …

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This Guy.

Yo, yo Tappers!

Remember when you used to come to this blog and there’d actually be something to read? Yeah…I do. I mean, I remember when I used to have time to write some stuff on here. I blame it on GOODHALO II. I barely have time to think, let alone hit you with all the useless news you don’t …

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A Quick "I’m Not Dead" Post

Hi. I’m not dead. I swear. I’ve just been sooo wrapped up in writing Goodhalo II that I sort of put the ol’ bloggity blog on the back-burner.

You forgive me, right?

No? I’ll send a refund.

Here are 10 quick…and I mean QUICK things that have happened and will likely discuss in further detail coming up. Yeah…consider this like …

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37 Odd Fact Nuggets About TKT

This was snagged by Steph when she did it a couple o’ days ago. I liked her answers, so I thought: What the hay… You should do it, too. Seriously. Do it.

1. Do you like blue cheese? Gosh, no. Do people actually eat that garbage?
2. Have you ever smoked? Never have, never will. Not even the mary-wanna.
3. …

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Stuff’s Happening

All kinds of stuff is happening around here these days. Here’s the Cliff Notes Version:

– Goodhalo is about 3 days from being done enough for me to read it, tweak it and send it to my 5 or so beta-reader peeps. (Clear a week out, people. You know who you are. It’s coming…)

– I’m going to write/direct a …

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Egg Drop Soup & Other Delights

Hey, it’s not like I don’t love you Blogger (you too, Tappers!) but I’ve just been a busy, busy boy.

So busy. Boy.

Let’s sit down for a spell and catch up a bit, why don’t we? Yeah, you can sit there on the futon. Just go ahead and move those Hot Wheels cars over to the side. That’s fine. …

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Stuffity Stuff

Hiya Tappers!

Well, as per usual, I’m busier than…er, um…someone who’s real busy. It’s been insane both on the work front, the writing front and the warm front we have moving into Minnesota.

Ha ha. See what I did there?

Anyway, I thought I’d shoot out a couple little nuggets of stuff out for those interested in seeing where I’m …

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Random Detritus

  • I have no idea why Cate Blanchett was nominated for her role as Bob Dylan in the movie I’m Not There. I didn’t see the film, but every clip that showed her ‘channeling’ Bobby D was, well…awful. Not for one second did I buy that she was Bob Dylan. To me it looked like a woman in drag trying (unsucessfully)

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Steaming Pile of Stuff

Nerdery Week – It’s been decided, so mark your calendars. Nerdery Week shall take place on February 17th – 23rd. Seven days of complete nerdiness interconnected through this world we like to call the internet. You’ll meet new people! You’ll see where they sit! You’ll see all the garbage they keep in their respective workspaces!

But TKT, I’m still confused …

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