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48 Hour Film Project – Part 3 (Sunday & Screening)

Well, mercifully, this post shouldn’t be as long as the last couple. Sorry ’bout that. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot that goes into these goofy little films we make. What I posted yesterday? That was about a fraction of the hijinx that happened on the set of good ol’ FutureSand.


When we last left our heroes…

I …

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Jack of All Somethings, Master of Whatevs

Hey there. You still hanging around this joint? Yeah? Well, let me slap your hand. Thanks for being there for me. Seriously, if you come to my house…Pancake Puffs. All you can eat.

And yes…I’m the worst. I’ve yet to show you the magic of P-Squared, but I assure you, once I make it through this coming weekend, all shall …

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Thursday 13 – Version 4.0

Is it seriously Thursday again already? Dang. Time does have a way of flyin’ when you’re having (CHOOSE ONE: fun, your hair cut, to choose what flavor of Blizzard you want to enjoy at Dairy Queen, a coma, to spend it at a thankless full-time job)

It’s Thursday 13 time, y’all.

So here, for your…

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Goodhalo Progress: 13,172 words.

I think I’ll call it a night.

On the set of: ART OF WAR. Trying to learn my lines. 6.3.07

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The Trappings of Filmmaking


In an effort to prove that I don’t just sit and obsess about the status of my manuscripts and future writings, I wanted to share with you a project that I’m going to be working on the first weekend of June.

A friend of mine is making a film called The Art of War. It’s a goofy comedy/action/horror movie …

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