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All Sorts of Awesome!

It’s picture day here on Tappity Tappity. Aren’t you glad you tuned in? Hey, I am.

Tasty Friday – In my craziness of last week, I neglected to tell you how well ‘FREE CHIPOTLE FOR 20 PEOPLE AT WORK ON MY LAST DAY OF WORK’ went.

It went well. People ate. People rejoiced. People gained about 800 calories each. I …

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Evil Bus Lady & Other Diversions

So, the new job…

It’s going to be…interesting. I know that sounds like Oh, man. He doesn’t like it. But it’s not that at all. There’s so much stuff that I’d love to get into, but in the interest of finishing my MOUNT RUSHMORE book (that’s due in 9 days!) and getting back in the saddle with GOODHALO, I think …

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