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Could you tell that my post title came from the ol’ Cranberries song? Remember that one? The one that had nothing to do with ZOMBIES?

Well, it’s yer ol’ pal TKT on the back side of a mad dash to spruce up the ol’ GOODHALO synopsis. It, along with an author bio (about yours truly), and a full 411 page …

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Items From The Cube Farm

I brought my camera in to work today to take a picture of a friend. He wants to post his mug on, so I told him I’d help him out. What’re friends for?


Anyway, I thought I’d take some random shots of the dumb stuff in my cube. You can see whatI see when I’m not training those …

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Lil’ Post


Not much new and exciting here today.

Okay, that’s not entirely true.

I got a request for a full read of my old baby Travis & the Magic Sandbox. Pretty exciting. I decided to see if I had any new luck and lo and behold…BAM! An agent I have much, much respect for decided it sounded fun and wants …

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Hey Party People. What up?

If you were looking for my very first Thursday 13, it’s right here. You could, you know, scroll down and see it, but I know some of y’all are all about the convenience. Me? I love a good value.

Actually, I just like the word ‘value.’ Try it out a couple times. Value. Vaaaaaluuuuue.

Okay. …

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Good News, Good News…

(the subject line is to be read like Roscoe P. Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard)

Well, I fired out a couple more queries today and lo and behold…

One stuck.

An agent (who shall remain nameless for now) replied within an hour and a half with this nice message:

Dear Thomas, I would love to read this story. What …

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Well, it’s not huge, but it sort of is to me, so I’ll post about it.

Remember that swell agent I mentioned a post or so ago? HR? Remember her?

Well, I got a request to send her my FULL manuscript yesterday. Considering she’s only the SECOND person to request it, I’m breaking into impromptu white-boy dances left and right.…

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