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At Long Last…Furry & Flo 8: Big Bad Dad

It’s been long enough, hasn’t it? If you’ve been waiting and wondering where the HECK the final installment in the much-delayed and previously cancelled FURRY & FLO series (that you might’ve read when you were a kid or you know, read TO your kid(s)) you’re in luck.

It’s here: FURRY & FLO 8: BIG BAD DAD Click the link, download …

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Tiny GOODHALO Excerpt & Update

“Your bravery surprises me, Pious,” Hurvick said. “But our fates are in the hands of the gods.”

“Their hands are full,” Pi replied, which made Lasha gasp.

From GOODHALO, by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

So, that’s what I’ve been doing friends. Working FEVERISHLY on the revision and overhauling of my little zombie book, GOODHALO. I’m on a mission to trim this …

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Are You There Blog? It’s Me…Thomas,

You know, I’m not going to waste your time telling you about how horrible a blogger I’ve been.

Life gets in the way, folks. You know the song.

So, let’s just get right into it, shall we?


Anyone who’s read the 2 or 3 posts I’ve done in the last 4 months knows my son is (somehow) a huge …

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Could you tell that my post title came from the ol’ Cranberries song? Remember that one? The one that had nothing to do with ZOMBIES?

Well, it’s yer ol’ pal TKT on the back side of a mad dash to spruce up the ol’ GOODHALO synopsis. It, along with an author bio (about yours truly), and a full 411 page …

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Oops, I Did It Again.

Man, what a dumb word: Oops!

“Oops, I accidentally dropped a 40 megaton bomb on the state of New Mexico.”

“Oops, I guess that pistol WAS loaded.”

“I just fired myself out of a cannon into a cauldron of hot, bubbly magma. Oops.”

Anyway, I just thought I should come right out and tell you that I don’t know when …

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Nerdery Week: Day 6

Well, it’s becoming more and more aparent to me that stretching this Nerdery thing out over seven days is proving to be a little difficult. So, I’m going to pull stuff out of thin air and see if it comes up Nerdery.

That’s right. I’m pulling stuff outta the closet.

First off, this is the closet.

It’s just to the …

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The Customer Is Always…First?

Friends of books and stuff:

I was alerted by my wife that my former boss (we used to work together… my wife and I, that is) had pre-ordered a couple o’ copies of Patrick’s Super Socks last week and has ALREADY GOTTEN THEM in the mail.


Here’s the thing: I’ve got an advanced copy already, but I haven’t blogged …

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Things I’m Looking Forward To…

Trying to kick out a full length novel over the course of a summer isn’t easy. Trying to do 60% of it in the last month is downright intimidating. Because August is Fast Draft Month for me and a slew of folks on the Verla Kay Blue Boards, I’ve given up a lot of stuff to make this happen.

When …

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