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The Art of War – Trailers

So…remember that zombie movie I was involved in early summer of this year? Well, I’d love to say it’s done and ready for screenings all across this great land of ours, but the truth is…

It isn’t.

In the meantime, the director has put together a couple of really cheesy (in a good(?) way) trailers for the movie which is …

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Goodhalo Progress: 13,172 words.

I think I’ll call it a night.

On the set of: ART OF WAR. Trying to learn my lines. 6.3.07

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Movie Magic & More

Well, Tappies, I’m on the back-end of a loooong 3 day movie shoot and I gotta tell you, this acting business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s a quick recap of the days.

Day 1: Took place in what looked like a haunted parking garage in St. Paul. It was my character’s BIG SCENE. What does that mean? …

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This is a shot with 4 of the zombies and ‘Val’, who is a British Lass who gets killed later on.

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare:
Zombies on your driveway…

This poor gal is getting her arm eaten by ‘Jeff’
while ‘Art DeGuerra’ (Art of War) looks on.

There’s more to come. My character ‘Darryl’ is a conspiracy theorist/geek/Smashmouth enthusiast and …

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Good Times, Bad Times, You Know I’ve Had My Share…

Hiya Kiddos,

Well, I wish I was slapping up a new post up here to say that I got snapped up for agent representation over the weekend, but…I didn’t. In fact, the agent (HR) I thought was a ‘lock’ (if there is such a thing) was kind enough to let me down easy before the long weekend. She sent me …

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The Trappings of Filmmaking


In an effort to prove that I don’t just sit and obsess about the status of my manuscripts and future writings, I wanted to share with you a project that I’m going to be working on the first weekend of June.

A friend of mine is making a film called The Art of War. It’s a goofy comedy/action/horror movie …

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