Considering the types of stories I used to write (dark, twisted comedy stuff…sort of like my films), it amazes me that I’ve been lucky enough to have a bunch of books for younger kids published through Picture Window Books and Stone Arch Books.

My first book was an actually an entry in a short story contest that got the big ‘thumbs down.’ I later submitted it and a handful of other short stories I’d written to PWB and they liked Patrick’s Super Socks, a story about a little kid who can’t sleep without wearing his special footwear. Afterwards, they asked me to write a non-fiction book about Mount Rushmore. Though I’ve never been there, I said sure. Ever since, I’ve been writing books for them each season as they develop new series. And yes, I’ve even written a book about ballerinas.

It’s been a fun trip so far. I’ve really gotten a kick out of doing readings/signings at schools, libraries and talking about writing. There’s nothing like meeting kids, parents and anyone else who enjoys reading and talking about books. More please?

On the side, I’m polishing up my novels geared toward young adult readers. I am currently seeking representation. So, hey, if you know a great literary agent…

Just sayin’.

Latest Books

A Fly on the Wall History: Paul Revere's Ride

Paul Revere’s Historic midnight ride takes on a new level of excitement when seen first-hand through the eyes of two cartoon flies. Equal parts fact and fun whisk you through one of the key events of the American Revolution.

A Fly on the Wall History: The Pilgrims' Voyage to America

Join two fact- and fun-loving cartoon flies aboard the Mayflower and feel the Pilgrim’s hardships first-hand as they make their long, historic journey across the Atlantic from England to America.

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A Fly on the Wall History: Harriet Tubman's Escape

Zip alongside two cartoon flies as they follow Harriet Tubman’s daring Escape from slavery and provide equal measure of facts and fun while telling the story of this heroic moment in American History.

A Fly on the Wall History: The Wright Brothers' First Flight

Buzz alongside two cartoon flies as they follow Orville and Wilbur Wright on their Quest for flight, providing hearty blend of facts and fun while telling the story of a true great moment in American and aviation history.

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Hauntiques: Ghostly Goalie (#1)

A middle grade foursome form a friendship and discover that an antique hockey puck is haunted and begin a search to find out why the puck is haunted and how they can ease the spirits troubles.

Hauntiques: Phantom's Favorite (#2)

The Hauntique Hunters are at it again when an old phonograph turns up haunted. The kids team up with a local librarian to uncover mysteries that lead to the discovery that the phonograph once belonged to a woman who died lonely and loved to play a certain favorite song in life that she, now as a spirit, longs to hear.

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Hauntiques: Wandering Wagon (#3)

When an old red wagon moves on its own accord, the hauntique hunting crew visits the wagon’s new owner, Jim Miller, a local autobody enthusiast, to uncover the wagon’s secrets.

Hauntiques: Darling Doll (#4)

When a spooky doll begins playing tricks on its new owner, Mrs. LaPierre, the Hauntique Hunters of Two Mile Creek find out that a local woman used to make dolls by hand from a company called Darling Dolls. From there, they gather clues to bring the mystery to light.

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I Want to Be a Brachiosaurus

Ever wish you could roam prehistoric Earth as a dinosaur? Join Brock as he transforms into a massive Brachiosaurus! Step back in time and learn all about a Brachiosaurus’ habitat, body, abilities, and more—all from its towering perspective.

I Want to Be a Triceratops

Ever wish you could roam prehistoric Earth as a dinosaur? Join Tracy as she transforms into a three-horned Triceratops! Step back in time and learn all about a Triceratops’ habitat, body, abilities, and more—all from its thundering perspective.

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I Want to Be a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Ever wish you could roam prehistoric Earth as a dinosaur? Join Tyrone as he transforms into a meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex! Step back in time and learn all about a T-Rex’s habitat, body, abilities, and more—all from its rip-roaring perspective.

I Want to Be a Velcoiraptor

Ever wish you could roam prehistoric Earth as a dinosaur? Join Valerie as she transforms into a birdlike Velociraptor! Step back in time and learn all about a Velociraptor’s habitat, body, abilities, and more—all from its feathered perspective.

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I Want to Be a Great White Shark

Life as a great white shark must be stunning, right? Find out! Dive in with Finlee as she transforms into a great white shark and learns all about the giant predator’s habitat, body, superpowers, and more.

I Want to Be a Lion

Hear that mighty roar? Take a leap with Leon as he transforms into a lion and learns all about the king of beast’s habitat, body, superpowers and more! Life from a lion’s perspective is purrrty outrageous!

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Furry & Flo: The Voiceless Vampire (Book 5)

Series fans and new readers alike are sure to be delighted by this fur vs. fangs showdown. Furry and Flo tackle their newest foe, a vampire bounty hunter named Vane, who is determined to take Furry back to his own world where he belongs. It’s up to the two friends to outsmart the vampire villain before they bite the dust.

Furry & Flo: The Solemn Golem (Book 6)

The floors are shaking, and the windows are cracking . . . something big and heavy is stomping around Corman Towers. Furry and Flo are awoken by the ruckus and discover an enormous stone golem wreaking havoc in the alley behind their building. It’s up to them to get the gravel goliath back to Furry’s world where he belongs . . . but making it back to their own world in time is easier said than done. With a perfect blend of humor and adventure, readers are sure to devour the next installment in this quirky series.

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Additional Books

Are Bowling Balls Bullies?: Learning About Forces and Motion with the Garbage Gang

The Garbage Gang builds a bowling alley, and they meet Gordy’s bowling ball, Beau. Beau likes to knock down pins, so the gang wonders, “Are bowling balls bullies?” Fortunately, Beau helps them learn all about forces and motion, and soon they discover the answer to their burning question.

Bad-Luck Basketball

The Clovers have never been the best basketball team in the district, but lately their luck has been worse than ever. And it seems like everyone wants to blame Brandon for the team’s losing streak. Can Brandon convince his teammates he’s not respsonsible for bringing the bad luck before it’s too late?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

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Blizzard: A Tale of Snow-Blind Survival

Jeff and his best friend Keith are ice-fishing in the middle of Big Lake. It’s been hours without a bite, but they’re still having a blast ― until the storm of the decade closes in. Soon, the entire landscape is buried in three feet of snow and the snowfall shows no sign of stopping. With their heaters low on power, Jeff and Keith are forced to make their way home through the whipping wind, low visibility, and the ominous crackling of ice beneath their feet.

Blow It Up!

Boom and bam! Down it comes. Watch a building, a bridge, and a stadium get blown to pieces.

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BMX Challenge

Jason never turns down a dare, which has gotten him in trouble more than once. After he gives some classmates a hard time, they challenge him to a BMX competition. Jason can’t say no. But BMX is way harder than he thought. If he can’t learn to ride before the competition, this dare will be his last.

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)



Crush It!

Crunch and crack! A car goes in the crusher. Watch cars get smashed and mashed.

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Decoded (Coding Club)

Sawdust in his locker and weird music on his MP3 player…someone is messing with Grady Hopkins. Determined to put an end to the pranks, Grady enlists friends Marco and Ava to help him decode anagrams left by the culprit. Will he solve the mystery before the trickster strikes again?

Diggin' Dirt - Science Adventures with Kitanai the Origami Dog

Kitanai the origami dog is new to this strange place called a garden. His papery feet are filthy, but he has no idea what dirt is. Follow Kitanai’s trail as he goes diggin’ in dirt and learns all about soil.

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Do Ants Get Lost?: Learning about Animal Communication with the Garbage Gang

The Garbage Gang’s picnic is invaded by ants! How do those little ants find their way around anyway? The gang meets a dog that tells them all about scent marking and animal communication, and suddenly it all makes scents!

Do Bees Poop?: Learning about Living and Nonliving Things with the Garbage Gang

The Garbage Gang discovers a beehive in a stinky situation and they wonder: Do Bees Poop? With the help of a little bee friend, they get an answer to their burning question. By the end, they’ll be knee deep in knowledge about living and nonliving things.

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Do Plants Have Heads?: Learning About Plant Parts with the Garbage Gang

The Garbage Gang meets a sunflower named Raye, but they want to know more about her. A real adventure takes place when they shrink in size and climb up Raye to take a closer look at all of her plant parts. The gang wonders, “Do plants have heads?” Their new friend, Raye, teaches them all about plant parts, and she eventually answers their burning question.

Fighting a Fire - Step by Step

Have you ever wondered what steps firefighters take when fighting a fire? Pull on your turnout gear and hop in the truck! You’re on your way to fighting a fire, step by step.

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Flight Down

Drew thought spending the summer in Florida with his little sister, Maddie, was the worst thing that could happen to him. He was wrong. When their plane crashes in a swampy, alligator-infested wilderness, Drew and Maddie must rely on each other to survive.

Furry & Flo: The Big Hairy Secret (Book 1)

Flo Gardner isn’t exactly thrilled when she and her mom move into Corman Towers, a giant apartment building in the middle of the city. To call their new home strange is an understatement. And things only get weirder when she meets Ferdinand, better known as Furry. It doesn’t take Flo long to realize that there’s more than one secret lurking in her new home.

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Furry & Flo: The Misplaced Mummy (Book 3)

When piles of sand start showing up all over Corman Towers, it can only mean one thing — trouble. Sure enough, a mummy has escaped from the mysterious crack in the basement. It’s up to Furry and Flo to guide the mummy back to his own world. But when they fall through the crack too, Furry and Flo find themselves in a whole new world of trouble. As the portal home grows smaller and smaller, the two friends must work together to solve an ancient riddle before they’re stuck there forever!

Furry & Flo: The Problems With Goblins (Book 2)

Furry and Flo thought their problems were solved when they got rid of the monster spiders at Corman Towers. But the magic portal in the basement isn’t quite as sealed as they thought, and soon they’re up to their necks in trouble once again. As Furry and Flo come to learn, the problem with goblins is there’s never just one.

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Furry & Flo: The Skeletons In City Park (Book 4)

When a repairman at Corman Towers finds a small sapphire brooch in the laundry room and decides to take it home, trouble is unleashed once again. The mysterious crack in the basement is blown open, and an army of skeletons emerge! Furry’s werewolf nose smells something it can’t resist — bones. When Furry and Flo head to the park across the street they find hundreds of skeletons causing all kinds of chaos. It’s up to Furry and Flo to deal with the undead army once and for all!

Gamer Bandit (Coding Club)

When a mysterious lunch thief leaves behind a card with a website address, Ava Rhodes can’t help but check it out. After the site leads her to a really boring online video game, shes even more determined. Can GPS tracking help Ava and her friends find the thief? Or will more lunches go missing?

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Glowing with Electricity: Science Adventures with Glenda the Origami Firefly

Glenda the Origami Firefly may be made of paper, but she knows a thing or two about electricity. She teaches a real firefly named Molly all about atoms, generators, transformers, and more. Zip and zap around with Glenda, and learn all about electricity.

Gold Medal Swim

Sam is the best swimmer on his school swim team. When Julien, a new exchange student at school, joins the team near the end of the season, Sam offers to help him practice. But when Sam and Julien have to race against each other in the final meet, only one swimmer can win the gold.

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

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Hack Attack (School Spirit)

After a hacker breaches the schools grading system and gives students failing grades, Grady Hopkins wants to set the record straight. Along with coders Ava and Marco, Grady follows a trail of IP addresses as he searches for the perpetrator. Will they find the truth before everyone flunks sixth grade?

Home-Field Football

Mason is the newest addition to the Clearwater Middle School football team. His new team is nothing like his old one. The coach doesn’t have much time for practice, the field and equipment are old and worn, and no one even wants to be quarterback. Can Mason help out his new home team?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

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I Want to Be a Bald Eagle

Ever wish you could soar like an eagle? Step into Heather’s life, as she transforms into the majestic bird. Take flight and learn all about a bald eagle’s habitat, body, superpowers, and more—all from a bald eagle’s perspective.

I Want to Be a Crocodile

Who hasn’t wished they could see life from an animal’s perspective? Let your imagination go wild, and jump into life as a crocodile! Join Jace as he transforms into the mighty reptile and learns all about its habitat, body, superpowers, and more.

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If I Were a Ballerina

If I were a ballerina, I would wear pointe shoes.  I would stretch my legs and leap across the stage!  Dream big, and see what fun it is to be a ballerina.

If I Were a Firefighter

If I were a firefighter, I would rush into burning buildings to rescue people. I would blast flames with water and foam.
Dream big, and see what fun it is to be a firefighter!

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If I Were the President

If I were the president, I would be Commander in Chief. I would help keep the country safe. I would also play tennis on my own court. Dream big, and see what fun it is to be the president.

Kitanai & Cavity Croc Brush Their Teeth

When Kitanai the dog meets Cavity Croc, he knows the toothy guy needs help. Kitanai even helps him brush and floss his chompers! Tag along with Kitanai as he teaches Cavity Croc how to keep teeth in tip-top shape.

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Kitanai & Filthy Flamingo Wash Up

When Kitanai the dog meets Flithy Flamingo, he knows the smelly pink bird needs some help. Kitanai helps Filthy Flamingo wash his body and feathers. Tag along with Kitanai as he teaches his bird friend how to stay sparkling clean.

Kitanai & Hungry Hare Eat Healthfully

When Kitanai the dog meets Hungry Hare, he knows there’s a rumbling tummy that needs food. The dog helps Hungry Hare choose healthful food instead of sugary snacks. Tag along with Kitanai as he teaches his hungry friend how to eat healthfully.

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Kitanai & Lazy Lizard Get Fit

When Kitanai the dog meets Lazy Lizard, he knows it’s time to get that lizard off the couch. Kitanai shows his reptilian friend how to exercise and play sports. Tag along with Kitanai as he teaches Lazy Lizard how to get fit.

Knock It Down!

Wham and whack! The wrecking ball hits a wall. Watch a building get knocked to the ground.

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Lost: A Wild Tale of Survival

Kelly roams the outskirts of the forest with her friends while they attempt to collect various bugs for a science assignment. Soon, a particularly rare butterfly catches her eye and she wanders into the woods in hot pursuit until it suddenly disappears. When Kelly turns back, she realizes she is completely turned around with no idea how to get back to her friends. Armed with only a mason jar, a butterfly net, and a small lunch, Kelly is forced to contend with the wilderness and many of the dangers therein.

Magnet Power! Science Adventures with MAG-3000 the Origami Robot

MAG-3000, the origami robot is on a mission to fix and restore power to the ship’s safety harnesses. With some help from a mouse with a jet pack, she is on a search for a missing magnet. Power up, and get ready to learn all about magnets!

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Margo and Marky's Adventures in Reading

Margo and her bookmark, Marky, are first-class adventurers. How do they do it? By reading books, of course! Follow the explorers as they talk about some of their most exciting reading adventures. From flying supersonic jets to sailing on a pirate ship, Margo and Marky have done it all.

Mount Rushmore

The stone face of four U.S. Presidents forever stare out across the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Join a park ranger as he introduces the story of the Mount Rushmore National Monument.

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Mountain Bike Hero

Everyone says that Crooked Hill has a curse. But it’s the only good place to go mountain biking in Flatte County. When Jonah’s brother goes down it during a storm, can Jonah beat the Crooked Hill curse?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

Nabbed Tablet (Coding Club)

When Ava Rhodes’ brand new tablet computer goes missing, shes desperate to solve the mystery. Can her fellow coding club members Marco and Grady and some quick coding help her? Or is everyone a suspect?

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Patrick's Super Socks

The creepies creep. The creepies sneak. And if Patrick doesn’t wear his Super Socks, the creepies will eat the toes on his feet!

Point Guard Prank

Someone keeps playing pranks on Ryan and it is starting to affect how he plays basketball. Who is the big prankster and why are they out to get Ryan?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

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Quinn and Penny Investigate How to Do Research

Quinn and his trusty pen, Penny, are on the case! Follow them as they figure out how to research in the library. Will they track down all the clues they need for the assignment? Whether its reading books, searching the Internet, or watching documentaries, these sleuths have got it covered.

Relay Race Breakdown

Nick hates running, but when his gym teacher gives him an ultimatum—join the relay-race team or fail the class—he knows he has no choice. He’ll have to suck it up and run. Will he learn to run or let down his team?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

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Robot Rescue (Coding Club)

When his little brother loses the class hamster, Marco Martinez comes to the rescue with a robot and some coding tricks. But will a robot rescue mission be enough to catch this speedy rodent?

School Spirit (Coding Club)

When weird noises in the schools media center have students spooked, Marco Martinez is on the case. Marco writes up a code to alert him of any ghost-like activity. But does he have more than ghosts to be afraid of?

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Second-Chance Soccer

Alex has wanted to be a member of the Longhorn Lightning soccer team for as long as he can remember. But after his embarrassing performace at last year’s tryouts, he’s not sure if the risk is worth the reward. When a new friend offers to help him practice, Alex is tempted to try again. Can his new friend help him make the team, or will Alex’s second chance also be his last?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

Shred It!

Rip and roar! Tires go in the shredder. Watch tires get torn to tiny pieces.

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Skateboard Struggle

After Evan’s older brother breaks his leg skateboarding, their parents ban skateboarding for the whole family. But Evan loves skateboarding too much to quit. When his grandmother catches him practicing for a competition, Evan knows his secret is out. He has to decide what’s more important: doing what he loves or telling his parents the truth.

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

The Dark Lens

The lens transports Alex to an alternate world filled with ghoulish creatures. When a friend doesn’t believe his story about this scary place, Alex agrees to go back—just for a moment. But as night falls, they are trapped in the dark world as creatures lurking in the shadows come out to feed.

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The Legend of Atlantis

It was beautiful mythical city sparkling with riches. But many years ago, a huge wave washed away the entire city. Is it possible the legend of Atlantis is true?

The Legend of Bigfoot

It’s a huge, smelly monster that stomps through the woods. It roars in the night as it hunts for food. Stories of Bigfoot are heard all over North America. Is it possible the legends are true?

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The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle

In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, planes and ships have vanished without a trace. Stories say something is taking these vehicles. Is it possible the legends are true?

The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster

It’s a big, long necked monster that lives in the waters of Loch Ness. Stories of the Loch Ness Monster are told all around the world. Is it possible the legends are true?



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The Legend of the Vampire

It’s a monster that drinks human blood. It can turn into mist, but it can’t stand the sun. Stories of vampires have been told on every corner of the globe. Is it possible the legends are true?

The Legend of the Werewolf

It’s a monster with sharp claws and pointy fangs. It howls at the moon as it hunts for its next meal. Stories of werewolves have been told all around the world. Is it possible the legends are true?

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The Legend of the Zombie

They’re walking dead people who are dazed and confused! Stories of zombies are in many parts of the world. Is it possible the legends are true?

The Legend of UFOs

They’re flying saucers or glowing balls of light. Some people say they have seen UFOs in the sky. Are the legends true?

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The Squadron

All Sera Visser wants to do is pass her finals. Sera is one of the few selected for a chance to be part of Zeta Squadron, an elite group of space pilots. All she needs to do is complete one flight, from the Old World to the New Colonies. Her mission doesn’t start off well, and damage to one of her engines sends her off course. She crashes onto a violent dwarf planet with a molten core that is slowly devouring its surface. And that might be the least of her worries.

The Story of Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia, often boasts about her daughter’s beauty and her own. When Jupiter finds out that Cassiopeia thinks she’s more beautiful than the sea nymphs, he’s furious. Will Cassiopeia’s words cause her kingdom to fall?

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The Story of Orion

The great hunter Orion and Diana are in love. But Diana’s brother, Apollo, is not happy about it. Will Apollo’s evil plot to get rid of Orion work, or will Diana be able to save her beloved hunter?

The Truth About Dragons

Dragons have roared their way through popular fairy tales for many years. Have you ever wondered why dragons look the way they do, where they might hide, or how they scare their enemies? Journey through this book to find out the truth about dragons.

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The Truth About Elves

Elves have been hiding out in popular fairy tales for years. Have you ever wondered what elves look like, where they live, or how they trick people? Look carefully through this book to find out the truth about elves.

The Truth About Trolls

Trolls have trampled through popular fairy tales for many years. Have you ever wondered what trolls look like, where they hide out, or why they like darkness? Stomp through the pages of this book to find out the truth about trolls.

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Tornado: A Twisting Tale of Survival

Andy and her twin brother Tony are four-wheeling in the woods near their family cabin when they notice the sky has turned a sickly shade of green. Moments later, the sky erupts into a raucous thunderstorm and they’re forced to take cover beneath an abandoned Ranger tower. When the sky grows eerily calm, they quickly get back on their four-wheelers and race home–only to find a massive funnel cloud blocking their way. The twins dodge falling trees and debris in search of shelter only to face an even bigger dilemma: is it safer to keep moving, or hunker down beneath less than ideal cover?

Track and Field Takedown

Kyle’s school decides to host an Olympic Fest in honor of the Summer Olympics, and he’s assigned to compete in the track-and-field events. The only problem is, he’s no good at them. Will practice make perfect, or will Kyle embarrass himself in front of everyone?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

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Volcano: A Fiery Tale of Survival

When Cam’s family decides to go to a luau during their vacation in Hawaii, he decides to stay behind to play some video games in the hotel. Lost in gaming euphoria, Cam slowly begins to realize that the rumbling noises aren’t coming from the TV–the entire hotel is shaking. Cam glances out the window of his hotel room just in time to see the nearby inactive volcano explode. Chunks of rock and lava cascade down into the city. Giant, flaming rocks start to tear the hotel to shreds. Cam knows he needs to find his family and get out fast, but a river of lava runs between him and his loved ones . . .

What's With the Long Naps, Bears?: Learning About Hibernation with the Garbage Gang

While the Garbage Gang is out exploring the trash dump, they meet a bear named Otto. When Otto explains that bears hibernate, the gang wonders, “What’s with the long naps, bears?” But the gang learns that bears aren’t the only animals that hibernate, and their question is soon answered.

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Why Do Dead Fish Float?: Learning about Matter with the Garbage Gang

The Garbage Gang spots a dead fish on their fishing trip, and they wonder: Why do dead fish float? Luckily, a live fish helps them out, and soon they’re swimming in knowledge about states of matter.

Why Does My Body Make Bubbles?: Learning about the Digestive System with the Garbage Gang

Gordy’s taking a bath, when a stinky bubble floats to the surface. Gordy wonders: Why do bubbles come out of my body? When the bubble starts talking, it takes the gang on a journey through the digestive system that’s a total gas!

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Windsurfing Winner

Nick gives up everything he tries. So when he’s on vacation, he tries surfing. He doesn’t like it, so he quits. A friendly girl helps him learn to windsurf. But will he quit that if he can’t do it?

(Text by Thomas Kingsley Troupe)

You Call That a Nose?: Learning About Human Senses with the Garbage Gang

While the Garbage Gang is out exploring the trash dump, they find a lost little girl. The gang is curious about the human’s senses, and as they take a closer look they say, “You call that a nose?” They gang helps the lost girl use her senses to find her dad, and in the end, their question is answered.

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Your Life as a Settler in Colonial America

You just tried out for the school play. Who wants the lead part more than anyone? YOU! Imagine riding in horse-drawn carriages. Dining with the finest silverware. Wearing fancy clothes and powdered wigs. But be careful what you wish for. That might not be the way it was for a settler in Colonial America …

Your Life as an Explorer on a Viking Ship

You just tried out for the school play. Who wants the lead part more than anyone? YOU! Imagine sailing the high seas without a care in the world. Storming castles for gold and jewels. Wearing a horned helmet. But be careful what you wish for. That might not be the way it was for an explorer on a Viking ship …

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