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At Long Last…Furry & Flo 8: Big Bad Dad

It’s been long enough, hasn’t it? If you’ve been waiting and wondering where the HECK the final installment in the much-delayed and previously cancelled FURRY & FLO series (that you might’ve read when you were a kid or you know, read TO your kid(s)) you’re in luck.

It’s here: FURRY & FLO 8: BIG BAD DAD Click the link, download …

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Furry & Flo 8? For Real?

Hey. Hi there. (is this thing on?)

So, yeah. It’s been a looong time. As you can tell, I don’t really blog anymore. I mean, I used to, but then Blogging got to be kind of a 2000-ish sort of thing and I just didn’t have the time and when I did it had been so long that I felt …

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