Everything’s Comin’ Up Furry…

Hey guys.  Okay, so it’s REALLY starting to feel like GO TIME down here in the Nerdery (my office).  One of the first things I did (and was horribly late on) was give away an ARC of FURRY & FLO: THE BIG HAIRY SECRET.  Here’s the video where I hastily (whilst wearing a hat) give away one of those “collector items.”

So Cate is the big winner!  I know she’s going to put FF1 up on the book shelf with all of her Oprah’s Book Club selections.  It’ll be great.

Oh…and fun fact: the Furry & Flo ARC is a little different from the real deal.  It’s paperback, it says it’s an advanced reader’s copy,  the Furry & Flo logo is different, and the title says BIG HAIRY SECRET.  The real book says THE BIG HAIRY SECRET.


(Please don’t put it on eBay, Cate)

One of the things that’s a little crazy is that, um…I think the book is out now.  If you go to the Capstone website, you’ll see it’s no longer a pre-order, but it looks like they’re in there.

However!  I’d be more than thrilled if you bought it from this-here website!   (THIS WAY)

Right now the links will take you to the Amazon site where you can pre-order it, but my Spidey Sense tells me it’s going to be coming out in the next few weeks or so.  Plus, if you buy it from here, ol’ TKT gets a little taste (a tiny, tiny taste), but a taste nonetheless.

Other items of Furry coolness!  I went out to Crestview Elementary School today to visit a smaller group of kids to talk about writing, reading, and all kinds of book dorkery.  They have this open library program for the kids during the summer which is awesome and they give them incentives to read by issuing prizes and such.  I got to talk about how I got started, how I come up with ideas and spent a little time plugging Furry & Flo, including playing the book trailer for them to watch n’ enjoy.  The teachers and media specialists were pretty stoked about it and I’m telling you guys.


And then!  As if that weren’t enough, a good friend of mine (from back in the day when I lived in California) sent me an e-mail, letting me know that my illustrator (Stephen Gilpin) and I inspired him yet again.  He dropped a bomb of awesome proportions into my inbox.

Peep this:


041 042
043 044
045 046

If you can’t tell, Ray is a sculptor.  Nay.  Ray is an INCREDIBLE sculptor who in the past has sculpted all kinds of stuff.  You can see the magnitude of the stuff he’s created both in sculpture and art-wise on his Facebook page HERE.

We just recently “found” each other again through the magic of Facebook and we’ve been catching up.  He used to kick my butt in pool on an almost weekly basis, but you know…I still like the dude.  He’s good quality and an AMAZING artist.

But lookit!  It’s a little sculpture of FURRY for cryin’ out loud!!!  He told me: “Flo’s next.”

Yeah.  This might be my favorite thing about today.