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I Can’t Draw.

When people learn that I write books (you know, for kids) they almost always ask this question:

“Oh, so do you do all the drawings, too?”

When I tell them I couldn’t draw to save my life they end up looking a little disappointed.

Trust me, nobody is as disappointed as I am.

The thing is: My kids LOVE to …

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Two TKTs. Two Days.

You know, I thought I’d be the kind of dad that was always there.  You know.  Ready to build a fort at a moment’s notice.  The kind of guy that doesn’t get tired of going to the park or will watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning EVERY morning.  I also thought I’d be the kind of dad who had …

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Cool Stuff (or Why I’m Not A Better Blogger)

You know, there’s really nothing worse than someone blogging about how great their life is and how they’re getting to do cool stuff, right?  Yeah, I know.  Feel free to click the back arrow now or delete your feed to this poor, neglected blog.  I can’t say I blame you.  But hey, there’s gotta be an excuse for just leaving …

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Rockin’ After Midnight

Did I ever tell you about the time someone slashed the tires on my car?  This was back in high school, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  It was a dark time, but reading a book a friend wrote TOTALLY brought me back to that place and time.  In his book, his main character thinks someone is trying to break …

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I Feel Like I Owe (You & this Website) A Post.

People of Earth…how are you?

Things have been cooking in my part of the world, but I’ll be dashed if I don’t set aside some time to put something up on this musty ol’ blog.  It’s my duty.  I ain’t new to this.

WRITING NEWS (if this stuff bores you, skip on ahead yo)

I’ve been spending pretty much all …

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Grave Diggin’ & Gettin’ Published!

Wow.  Someone should really dust in here, you know?  I’ll get right on that.

As some people might have suspected, I’ve always wanted to be a writer.  Pretty much since forever…you know, if forever is 2nd grade.  Sure there were the occasional career changes I considered along the way (Archaeologist, FBI Agent, movie director, astronaut), but I knew in my …

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Stories About Barfing

So here’s the thing: My oldest son, Travis, who will be 6 next month, has this crazy fear of barfing.  He’s thrown up quite a few times in his life and has decided that he doesn’t like it.  Fair enough.  But honestly?  It’s more than just a “Throwing up makes me fill icky” kind of fear.  No, it’s deep-rooted and …

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Getting Back Out There – New Year’s Resolutions and Other Garbage

When my parents used to tell me that time goes by faster and faster the older you get, I never really believed them.  Seriously.  How was THAT even possible?  Like another year gets slapped onto your total and life just eases down on the accelerator a bit?  Didn’t seem to make much sense.

Holy Hannah, people.  It totally makes sense …

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