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Rough Patch (Still Bloggy After All These Years)

I guess it happens to everyone, but dang if it hasn’t hit me full on, just about knocking the teeth out of my dumb-looking head.

I’ve been lazy.  I can’t even say it’s anything like writer’s block, it’ s more like “Eh…Block.”  It’s been a strange and hectic fall and I’m REALLY trying to find my way back into being …

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The Secret of Hart Lake

When I was in 2nd grade, I had a best friend.  His name was Joe.

Joe and I were pretty much inseparable.  Every weekend, I would either sleep out at his house or he’d sleep at mine.  More often than not, we ended up at Joe’s house, though.  His parents always made the best popcorn and we got to stay …

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People Will Eat Anything. (I have proof)

One thing my friends and family know about me is this: Even when I’ve got a chance to relax and just not do anything, I end up working on something else.  I think it’s one of the reasons I’m never bored.  There’s ALWAYS something else to write, film, read, etc…  It’s a big world filled with lots of cool crap.  …

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Kool-Aid Stands & Toilet Diving: A Week in Review

I know the answer to this question without even asking: You ever have one of those weeks?

Yeah.  Me too.

First off, I’m a sucker for kids selling Kool-Aid by the side of the road.  I don’t know what it is, maybe some deep-seated sympathy or just the effort it must take for these little guys n’ gals to put …

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TKT’s Adventures in Fatherhood – Episode 219

This morning Laura had an appointment to get her haircut.  Since her appointment was at 9am and I had a hankerin’ for a delicious breakfast burrito  (with BACON) at Sonic, I decided the best thing to do would be to grab the kids and hit the road.  The boys were excited enough and I thought: Yes.  Let’s have a Boy’s …

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The Problem With Being Picky

I think I was told long ago that when I got older, I wasn’t going to be so picky about food and what-not.  Apparently, when I was just a young TKT, I used to eat anything and everything without question.

Mushrooms?  Sure.
Beets? Okay.
Fish/fish sticks? Why not?
Assorted creamy white sauces and such? Pile it on.

Somewhere in grade-school, …

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Treasure of the Enchanted Forest – TKT (1984)

Well, I know you’ve likely been checking back here every few hours or so since I announced that I was going to drop the ULTIMATE STORY on this here bloggy-blogg.

The wait is over, friends of fine literature.

Here, just below a few more lines of my babbling, is the best story I could come up with in 1984 for …

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Coming Soon…

Hey all!  Two posts…two days?  Well, this one doesn’t really count.  It’s more of a teaser than anything else.

Oh, what pray-tell am I teasing?


Because of it’s unbridled awesomeness, I’m going to unleash this magical and action-packed tale to the world within the next week.  But for now, just salivate over the awesome cover-art and imagine a world …

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Deadlines, yo (or) Fun With Motivation

What is up?

Kind of a random thought/topic: I’ve had some people ask me in the past how the heck I’m able to stay productive and get so much stuff done.  I’ve also had people make snide comments when I mentioned going to a concert or a movie (god forbid!) every once in a while, wondering how I’m able to …

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Getting Back In The Game, Yo.

I don’t even want to talk about how long it’s been since I’ve posted something.

Hey!  How’s it going?

I’ve been good, good.  Thanks for asking.

As you may have surmised, I’ve been busy as all get-out these days.  No sooner did I finish up some books for Stone Arch, than I ended up working on a couple titles for …

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