Where You Been, TKT?

Friends of the Interwebsticles,

It’s been a murderous few weeks…nay, month or so. I won’t regale you with the details but they include:

– A weekend of being Mr. Mom (while Laura was sick with some evil flu)
– Editing ANNA 2.0
– Helping my uber-talented critique partner get her book ready for prime-time
– Work craziness
– Organizing our annual (and famous!) Nordeast Pubcrawl
– Getting the cold shoulder from a literary agent
– Preparing for the 48 Hour Film Project (I get to write and direct again…holler!)
– Setting up an upcoming author visit in Bloomington (3rd graders!)

So, it’s been an sorta odd time warp I’m finding myself in. It seems like it was February yesterday, now we’re heading into mid-May. Huh? Really?

But it’s all good. Things are looking up and I still have faith that this year will get me that much closer. It’s there. All good things to those…etc, etc…

Gosh. I’m a bit wishy-washy when it gets late.

In closing, I leave you with a quote. As Travis, Jake & I were driving home from my dad’s b-day dinner, we pulled up alongside my parents who were getting ready to head west to Northeast Minneapolis and we were about to go east to Woodbury. I rolled down Travis’s window so he could say goodbye to Grandma one more time.

Grandma/Mom: Goodbye, Travis! I love you.

Travis: I love you, too!

Grandma: Be good!

Travis: You be good for yourself!

Little dude cracks me up.