5 Years, Suckas…

April 24th, 2004
Mankato, Minnesota

It sure as heck doesn’t seem like 5 years, but here we are at our ‘Wooden’ anniversary. Who’s idea was it to come up with a material for the anniversary gift we’re going to give each other? Seriously. What am I supposed to do? Go out to the woodpile and find the nicest log I can?

“Here you go, Laura. Happy wooden anniversary.”

Anyway, I broke out the wedding album and scanned up a few of my favorite shots of our wedding. We did the whole camera on each table thing, too…but man. Like 95% of the pictures were horrible. I guess heavy drinking and photography just don’t mix.

Here I am up at the altar with my beautiful bride. You can’t see it here, but later when the priest started yammering on about raising our kids in the Catholic faith, etc, etc… I had my fingers crossed. Whatever, dude. I just want to marry this woman, not devote my life to your crazy fairy tales.

Here we see the large groom attack the little bride like he hasn’t been fed in roughly 4 days. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I’m looking at Tony Soprano whenever I see pictures of me in this tuxedo. “You may kiss the bride.” Don’t mind if I do, padre.

The groomsmen and ushers in full effect. My brother is the one with the giant mouth, doing the Hong Kong action movie pose. I just wanted to see how high up I could get my legs. Guess I’m lucky I didn’t fall and break my dumb head open.

This was shot at the place where we had our reception in Dirty ol’ Mankato. It sort of looks like we’re in an abandoned shopping mall, but this picture, I think turned out really cool. The photographers had some good ideas and some others that weren’t so great. Bless their f-stopping little hearts.

Beautiful ol’ Laura. Not a day goes by where I’m not thankful to be married to this woman.

Happy Anniversary!

(enjoy your wood)