Options on a Thursday Night

Sitting up with a little dude (6 weeks old yesterday) isn’t always easy. Not that I’m surprised by this, but it’s one of those things where I find myself at a crossroads every night. There’s that space of a couple hour between when Travis & Laura go to sleep and when I finally collapse into a tired heap of garbage into bed.

So, here are the options I’ve got:

– Watch the Netflix movie I got in the mail a couple o’ days ago. (This Film Is Not Yet Rated…a documentary about the rating system and how it’s kinda corrupt) What can I say? I love me some documentaries these days.

– Continue to upload more songs into iTunes. I’m at the end of the alphabet in my CDs, but of course I’ve bought a few CDs in the 4 years since I got my first iPod (R.I.P. Robotron 1.0)

– Troll through all the uploaded movies through Netflix on the Xbox 360. Currently, I’ve got 40-something sitting there, just waiting for me to watch. Gotta love unlimited video streaming through the ol’ Xbox.

– Read the book I’m slowly working through ‘Beautiful Boy’ by David Scheff. Great book about a guy who has a son that gets hooked on Crystal Meth.

– Read through Anna 2.0 (the book I’m editing now) and see if I can’t find more stuff to change, add, cut, etc…

– Play the add-on to Grand Theft Auto 4 – Lost & Damned. It’s decent, but eh…

– Write a ‘worthwhile’ post on this long-neglected blog. (this doesn’t count)

– Plan out what I’m going to do for my library visit/reading on Saturday.

– Work on the two books that are due on March 15th.

Now, these are all solid options…the problem? At any given moment:

– Jake could wake up.
– My pager could go off (which means I have to ditch anything I’m doing instantly)

It’s an adjustment going from having a kid who sleeps the night and is potty-trained to having a little guy who doesn’t know the rules yet. You know? And no, I’m not so daft that this is a suprise to me, still…it’s kind of strange to be at this point again, that’s all.

Anyway…those are my Thursday options. I’m still no closer to figuring out how I’ll spend my time.

Oh…I guess I could go outside and shovel the 2 feet of snow that’s STILL falling.

Yeah. Right.