On the Brink of Fatherhood…Take 2

So, it doesn’t sound like my new son is going to show up early as Laura’s doctor predicted. To say it’s been a little tense around the House o’ Troupe would be putting it lightly. I mean…everything’s ready. His room is all set up and ready for him to come and not notice it until he’s…oh, around three or so. We’ve got all the stuff laid out on his changing table so that we don’t have to improvise and wipe his little backside with say, the good towels or anything.

We’re prepared. We’re anxious. We want to meet this little kid.

Kid…we’re ready for you.

Janurary…it’s definitely going to be one for the books. Travis just started pre-school last week and he seems 12x happier because of it. He still talks about the horrors of his daycare provider like it was years ago, back when he was a little kid.

“Sometimes Julie says I need to go potty too much.”


“Julie watches Dancing With the Stars on TV.”

That last one…I just. Oooh…I think I gave myself the shivers. Seriously? People watch that???

But it’s been good for the boy. He’s so much more engaged at his new school and excited about stuff. He sings songs. He can draw letters when coaxed. He tells us about the little arts and crafts he puts together. When Laura and I went to pick him up today, I got to see the picture they took of him. His big, smiley face right in the middle of a snowflake, grinning from ear to ear. He’s such a fun, goofy little kid and there’s never been a question about who his parents are. There’s something comforting about that. The little TKT fits right in.

But that’s what’s so crazy and just so….maddening about the impending arrival of Troupe Kid Mach 2. Is he going to be like Travis? Will he look like him? Is he going to come into the world on the heels of what’s supposed to be the coldest days EVER? The anticipation is killing me.

It’s killing Travis too.

“I want my little brother to come out now.”

This will come as a surprise to no one, but I’m not a very patient guy. I tend to fidget and stare off into space and do anything BUT wait whenever possible, so this last week has been an exercise in patience, which has been…interesting.

This isn’t to say I’m a fly off the handle and punch puppies sort of fellow. Oh, no. Sure, I’ll call the occasional guy on the road an idiot and come up with creative non-swear words when a certain almost-four-year-old is riding in the backseat, but I’m not that kind of impatient. It’s hard for me to wait and even harder for me to concentrate when I am waiting. You know?

Even now, I’m finding myself pausing after every fourth word or so, listening for the creak of floorboards upstairs, thinking that Laura is going to call down to me in the Nerdery with the ‘It’s time” call. Usually, though, it’s her sleepwalking to the toilet. Ah, pregnancy…

So, looking at the pathetic frequency of my postings, I’m guessing post #197 (or so) will have pictures and details about the newest (and final!) addition to our family. I promise not to wait until he’s in college to update this thing, for reals.

Thanks for hanging with me and for all the peeps out there (on Facebook, work, friends, etc.) with the advice (some good, some bad) on getting this kid ready to drop. One way or another…


And you know what? We’re ready for him.

Bring it.