Hey Brother!

Big Jake. 6 days old.

Seriously. My new kid hasn’t been here for over 2 weeks already. Has he? Seriously? Must be. I went back to work yesterday and I’m just stunned by how quickly the time has flown. It’s frightening, actually.

If someone’s got the spare time and the funding, I’ve got a research project idea. Let’s see if there’s some sort of time flux thing that happens to people with every kid they add. My theory? The more kids you have, the quicker the time flies. There’s gotta be something to it.

To that end, Jake is going to be my final installment in the kid saga. We’re done. Two boys is more than enough to keep us busy.

So…I thought I’d just get on here and talk about the whole ‘going into labor’ story and all the craziness that ensued when Big Jake made his appearance. But honestly? There really wasn’t anything to it.

This is coming from the guy who didn’t have to push an almost 10-pounder through his crotch…

But seriously, folks. You can ask Laura and she’ll tell you, the difference between having Travis and having Jacob is like night and day. She pushed for 4 hours when she was in labor with Travis.

With Jake? 46 minutes.

We were at the hospital for the entire two days. This time around? We cut out early, after a day of sitting around and not doing much.

I can tell you that Jake was born on one of the coldest days in Minnesota history and that, like his older brother, decided to wait until the day after his due date to arrive. That’s just the way the Troupe brothers roll.

Laura bounced back almost immediately after Jake was out the chute. Really. She will be the first to tell you this pregnancy was 10x harder than the first time around.

A big ol’ pile of awesome.

– She went to bed early, usually around 8pm when Travis did. Heck, sometimes she was asleep before TKT Part 2.
– She snored like a grizzly bear for the last 4-5 months of the pregnancy, which caused yours truly to have to sleep elsewhere. I can usually sleep through a hurricane, but Hurricane Laura proved too much even for me.
– She had heartburn and an upset stomach on an almost daily basis.
– Morning sickness? Not so much.

I like how we pretend that Jake isn’t screaming bloody murder in his bear suit.

But things went well and it’s hard to believe the little guy is here and part of the family. It’s definitely strange not being able to have anyone but our kids sit in the back seats of our cars and just weird as all get-out to change diapers, mix up bottles, etc… I thought I’d be rusty when it came time to re-diaper the little guy, but I’ve got it down to a science. Even after 4 years!

The greastest thing? Travis is so excited about having a little brother now. Almost daily, he peeks in at Jake while he’s sleeping and says:

“Look at that cute yittle (that’s how he says ‘little’) guy.”


“Hey brother.” (which immediately reminds me of Arrested Development)

Anyway…life is good. Thanks to all for your well wishes and words of congratulations. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.