Pious Goodhalo has a face!

Hey kiddos! Well, it’s probably one of those things that’s only exciting for me, but I just can’t help but decorate the halls of Tappity Tappity with this anyway.

Did I mention that I had an artist friend who was interested in beefing up his portfolio? Did I mention that this friend also happens to be my barber? Yes…the same dude I made a haircut appointment with over Xbox Live.

Well, a number of months back, he asked me if I could send him some character descriptions from my (as of yet unagented/unsold) manuscript GOODHALO. I, of course, obliged and sent him a pretty detailed rundown of what Pious Goodhalo, the main character in my books, looked like.

Below, is the black and white version of what the incredible Nathan Malvig came up with:

Click the picture to get all up in Pi’s face.

I added the title and what-not, but dang…I’m COMPLETELY blown away by how accurately Nathan captured poor ol’ Pi. From the road-weary look on his face, to his slight frame, to the slash across his face (courtesy of his best friend, Gort) it’s all there. And the best part? He nailed exactly how I pictured his father’s heavy mace. It’s perfect!

Apparently, there’s a color version in the works and he’s interested in doing an action scene from the book with Pi, the rest of the clerics and a cluster of the undead.

Like some kind of fan-boy, I’ve already printed a copy of it for myself and it’s going to hang in the Nerdery while I pound out the last few chapters of GOODHALO II.

If anyone’s interested in contacting Nathan to do some freelance work for them, let me know!

Or better yet…visit his Deviant Art Page at: http://munkhowzen.deviantart.com/