High School Drifter – Original Cut

Hey Tappers,

I guess I’ve waited long enough to post this, eh? This here, is the original, festival cut of our 48 Hour Film Project entry “High School Drifter.”

I’m embarassed to say the video quality suffers quite a bit from the few conversions I had to do to get it here, but the real version is beautiful, DVD quality with HD sound, etc, etc… But, I only talked about this thing a million times and never had the ability to post it before now.

Things to look for:

Required character: Mr. or Mrs. Perkinson (substitute teacher)
Required prop: Fish
Required line of dialogue: “You look very familiar.”

All the films in the Minneapolis branch of the contest had to conform to the above standards. I almost forgot to put the line of dialogue in when I was writing the script. It sort of worked out well anyway, methinks. All right…enough blabbing.

Watch it!

WARNING! This film has PG level language and PG-13 level violence in it.

Anyway…my apologies for taking so long with it. It was a ton of fun to do and we actually did pretty well considering we ended up with Musical/Western. (we focused on the western side of things)