Mission 100,000

Hey Tappers!

I’ve got a mission for myself this weekend and I’m thinking it’s possible. I want to hit the 100,000 word mark on GOODHALO II before I head back to work on Monday. I’m just over 5,000 words from that happening.

“But TKT, you usually kick out huge numbers word-count wise. What’s the haps?”

Here’s the thing: Ever since I finished the 3 picture books for Picture Windows Books last week, I sort of took a break. You know, I think I deserved one. I mean, I’ve been sort of working non-stop on these things in addition to a full-time job, a nights/weekend gig with the fire department, and being you know… a husband and father.

I needed a week to get myself recharged and ready to write the excitement and action that will bring an end to the 2nd installment in the crazy GOODHALO series. I know how it ends, I know how I’m going to get there and I know it’s gonna be ‘little-hairs-on-your-arm-will-stand-up-awesome’ but…

I don’t know…I sort of find myself making every excuse to NOT write the thing. It’s throwing me off schedule for my remainder of the year plans, but still I know it’s gotta be done and it’s been a great distraction whilst I wait for the any sort of good news about the first book.

So, that’s my mission this weekend: 5,000+ words or bust. I need to break that 100,000 mark and then get myself all revved up to write the remaining 20,000 or so words. Daunting? Maybe.

Possible? Oh, hells yeah.

Let’s do this thing.

(I’m gonna start tomorrow)