36 Years of Quality

Hiya. Today is my 36th birthday. I’m old as dirt and have the gray hair to prove it. But I wasn’t always this way. Observe…

Born 11:15pm, 10.19.72
No wonder I’m such a night owl…

Oh lookit that funny guy, it’s
Super Mister Potato Head! (3 months)

My first of many hooded sweatshirts (Age 2)

There was a time when I didn’t think baseball was boring. (Age 4)

Little bro Robby and I in our “new” kitchen. (Age 5)

This didn’t last long. Once ‘Greatest American Hero’
moved to Wednesday nights, I quit. True story. (Age 7?)

No idea where we were, but I didn’t like my picture being taken.
(note red hooded sweatshirt tied around waist) (Age 14)

First and only year playing football. Why?
My girlfriend was a cheerleader. (Age 16)

Through some miracle, I graduated high school.
The cap didn’t fit my big head. (Class of ’91)

Many years and many beers later, I’m still rockin’ the mic.
(New Years Eve 2000)

Ah yes…of course there are many unaccounted years, but I’m really lazy tonight (it’s my b-day, for cryin’ out loud) so that’s all we’ve got for tonight. Here’s what I look like now. As you can see, not a lot has changed…

TKT. He’s all serious, y’all. (36 years old)