The Price of Fast Drafting…

You know, that’s the problem with trying to write a big ol’ novel in a couple of months. You let other things, like a certain BLOG go to the wayside.

How many people here were sick of seeing my same ol’ post about fightin’ fires and driving an ambulance around?

*raises hand*

Yeah, me too. That was like…so five years ago!

So, since I should be writing a scene where the undead have finally breached the abbey, I’ll make this quick. Things are good ’round these here parts. The weather is finally where I want it to be, temperature-wise. (I love me some fall) And my plans for the rest of my writing year are coming together nicely.

Well…almost. I was still hoping to have an agent before the year was up, but…hey, there’s still time!

I’m going to be finished with GOODHALO 2 by mid October, which coincidentally is when I need to get my 3 new picture books done that I’m contracted for. Did I tell you about them? I forget.

I’m writing 3 books in a series for Picture Window Books (they’re so good to me). They are…

If I Were a Firefighter (Easy!)
If I Were the President (written by Mr. No Politics himself!)
If I Were a Ballerina (Sheesh!)

I’ve got the firefighter one pretty much mapped out, but the other two will take some spare time. But hey…no sweat.

Then…after GOODHALO 2 is in the can (and I let it gestate and moulder for a bit) I’m going to revisit ANNA 2.0 which I wrote LAST YEAR (seriously??? it’s been a year???) and edit the snot out of it. I haven’t even looked at that book since then. I’ve been too busy with editing and submitting GOODHALO 1 and getting it’s next installment drafted out. Jeeez…one year…

Okay. That’s enough talk about writing. As a treat for the two people who read this far…it’s random picture time!!!

You don’t wanna mess with the Troupes, yo.

We went to Como Zoo about a month ago and we saw a booth where they do those digital pictures. Of course, being the weirdos that we are, we decided to play it tough and make it look like we really had our mugshots taken. I even got Travis to look all bad-ass for the shot. Man, we look tough.

Are you tough enough?

Fact: Break out the karaoke and there are good odds that I’ll get up there and try to rock the mic. Drop me in the middle of Madison during a work-related excurison and it’s practically guaranteed. Here, my co-worker pal and I tear down the house with our rendition of the New Kids on the Block favorite: “Hangin’ Tough.”

All right… I’m out. The zombies are calling.