Fire on the Sun

That’s part of the question my kid (Travis) asked of Laura the other day.

“Mommy, is there fire on the sun?”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the greatest name for an album ever. If only I could, you know, play an instrument, write songs…that kind of thing.

Well, that random Travis-ism isn’t the reason I’m wasting words on a new blog post tonight. Nay. Instead, I wanted to let you know about a contest my fire department is running this month. This is one for the books, y’all.


Yes. You’ve read that right. For the entire month of August, myself and a handful of other fellas at the FD flaunting facial folicles will be fighting for the coveted title: WORST MUSTACHE EVER.

Now, you might ask: Why not a beard, TKT? Why stop at a lip carpet?

Well, it’s this simple. As a fire fighter, I’m not allowed to grow a beard, especially if I hope to battle blazes. You see, the SCBA mask we wear to break oxygen won’t seal over a sweatered jaw. Them’s the brakes. But a mustache?

Game on.

Of course, any of my fellow blogging peeps in blogging land are more than welcome, nay…ENCOURAGED to participate. Heck, this could be this seasons Nerdery Week…er, month. You know what I mean.

So, to kick things off, here’s picture of my pathetic DAY 1 growth:

From here on out, things are gonna get a little hairy. Word.