A Quick "I’m Not Dead" Post

Hi. I’m not dead. I swear. I’ve just been sooo wrapped up in writing Goodhalo II that I sort of put the ol’ bloggity blog on the back-burner.

You forgive me, right?

No? I’ll send a refund.

Here are 10 quick…and I mean QUICK things that have happened and will likely discuss in further detail coming up. Yeah…consider this like a sneak preview of crap to come.

(in no order of importance, y’all)

1. I dropped out of the Great Mustache Growing Contest of 2008. Actually about 5 days ago. Ah….I feel like a meeee-lion dollars.

2. Bunk bed. As in, Travis (age 3.5) now has one.

3. Rage Against the Machine, Ben Folds, Tegan & Sara. As in, I get to go see those three shows (seperately) in the next month.

4. Olympics? Can end anytime, okay thanks.

5. Flight of the Conchords? Best show I’ve seen on DVD in a long time.

6. I get to write 3 more books that’ll get published next year.

7. I won an advanced copy of the Courtney Summers book Cracked Up to Be. Remember how she totally won the haiku contest and won a copy of MY book? Crazy serendipity, yo.

8. The quest for agent-hood has begun! One full is out there, still…waiting. Can you see why I’m writing the sequel now? And the third one next summer?

9. Crazy EMT call a couple weeks back. Cra-zy. It has to do with Dairy Queen, my psychic abilities(?) and bicycles.

10. We find out what kind of kid we’re having (hopefully) a week from Friday. You know…like if it’s gonna be a boy or a girl?

There. So when I come back, I’ll have all kinds of crap to rap at you about. It’ll be like old times again. You just wait.

You. Just. Wait.