Could you tell that my post title came from the ol’ Cranberries song? Remember that one? The one that had nothing to do with ZOMBIES?

Well, it’s yer ol’ pal TKT on the back side of a mad dash to spruce up the ol’ GOODHALO synopsis. It, along with an author bio (about yours truly), and a full 411 page manuscript (plus a return envelope) is off to New York in a few days to visit an agent who wants to read it.

Yes, friends. It’s that time again! Time to put the book to work! Admittedly, this is GOODHALO’s debut trip, but still…we want it to be just perfect for the nice agent who wants to read it, right???


So, instead of boring you with my last few nights of being stuck in the Nerdery, let me tell you about what’s happening in the world of zombies. It’s been a while. We need to talk about the undead, don’t we?

First off, I bought this little gem after my critique group meeting with Triple S on Sunday. Check it:
Words can’t describe how cool this is. It’s Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum and it’s as wicked as it sounds. Imagine a journal of haikus (the only poetry I’m a fan of) written from the undead perspective. As if that weren’t enough, there are some sweet zombie pictures inside. Seems to me, a certain debut author wrote a zombie-esqe haiku right here for a contest we had some time back. Hmm…who was that again? It’s like she KNEW the marketablilty of something like this. Heck, it got me to plunk down some dollar, dollar bills y’all…

Also, while out and about today, I found a pretty sweet comic book (I just happened to wander into a place where they’re sold) and, yes…I was sold.

It’s Zombie Tales the series! While it’s not as riveting as The Walking Dead (my personal favorite) it was a fun read.

Outside of that, I finally scored a copy of 28 Weeks Later. And yes, yes, I know. It’s not supposed to be as good as the original masterpiece, 28 Days Later, but still…it’s got those loveable maggot-bags in it. How bad can it be?

Don’t answer that. I know how much BAD, BAD, BAAAAD zombie fodder is out there. Hopefully, GOODHALO will change the landscape a bit, you know? Hey, a fella has to dream, right?

Anyway…I know it’s dumb to apologize for being so sporadic with the posts, but I’m busy as all get out with the Special Edition DVD for High School Drifter, getting GOODHALO ready for it’s debut (thanks beta readers!), and trying like a madman to outline (or what I call ‘idea pit’) GOODHALO II. I sorta want to be prepared in the event a savvy agent type says:

“Okay, TKT. You got me. This Nicehalo thing is supposed to be 3 books long. What’re the other two going to be about?”

It’s all in my over-sized melon, but I know that’s not what they want to hear. They want to see a series pitch, they want to see some nice n’ tidy paragraphs that describe Pious Goodhalo’s journey across the countryside and his encounters with the undead. They want to know how this big, bad story is going to wrap up.

It’s all at the ends of my fingers, friends. I just need to find the time to type ’em.

So, I guess that’s my long-winded way of saying I’m still here and I REALLY appreciate your continued support. Even though I’ve been like that internet friend that sort of reads your blogs and LJs and doesn’t comment or whatever as often as he used to, I still check in on all of y’all. For real. Catching up with you guys is what’s keeping me sane between the edits and the breaks and everything in between.

Also, a big AWWWW… goes out to everyone who congratulated us on the impending arrival of kid #2. We’re all very excited and for some weird reason (even though we don’t know the sex yet) everyone is calling Contestant #4 ‘she’ and ‘her.’ What’s up with that? Is it written in the stars that we’re going to have a daughter? I’m down with whatevs as long as he/she is healthy. You know the score.

Stay tuned…until…well, we know. It won’t be long now.

Last thing. To steer this wreck of a post back to the zombie topic, this is what I see in my garage when I pull in after a long day at the day job.

It’s a vacu-formed zombie head! I thought about modifiying it so the remaining eye glowed, but I didn’t want to wreck it. It hangs on the wall in the garage above our antique fridge (loaded with refreshing beverages). Travis thinks he’s a “funny guy.” In fact, he thinks all zombies are funny.

Is 3 years old too young for his first viewing of Night of the Living Dead?

I didn’t think so.