Week In Review…Er, on Tuesday…

Hey people!

Man, I was getting bummed out everytime I logged into my blog. Is it sad that I’m too lazy to add some of my blogs as favorites in Firefox and instead just got to the right hand column here on Tappity Tappity to get the job done? Yeah. I’m a strange creature of habit. Anyway…I need to get to some writing-type stuff, so I’ll just hit you with some highlights.

High School Drifter – Well, I wish I could say we went home with 48 Hour gold, but it just didn’t happen. The Best Of show was last Thursday and the theatre was absolutely packed. People from Minneapolis & St. Paul gathered to watch the best 13 flicks from the competition, including our very own HSD. While we may not have won any MAJOR awards, I don’t think I’m lying when I tell you that the audience response to our film was by and large louder and longer than any of the other ones that showed that night. So much so that they not only applauded at the end of the film, they even applauded at the end of the credits. I swear, if the audience coulda voted again, we might’ve won something. Anyway…stay tuned. It’ll be available to view real soon!

Goodhalo – It’s so close to be able to go out into the world, I can taste. I’ve now heard back from 3 of my beta readers and (unless they’re lying to me!) the response has been very positive. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything majorly wrong with the book and I’ve gotten very helpful and well voiced feedback. I’ve hammered out a couple of very rough query letters and my goal is to write one a day until I come up with one that completely captures the action and creepiness of my young adult zombie saga. Anyone want to read my query?

Teegy Sara – That’s how my 3 year old pronounces his favorite band, Tegan and Sara. Would you believe it if I told you I’m going to see them again, less than a year since I saw them last? Word! Somehow, Laura got online with Ticketmaster and scored us incredible tickets. Try 2nd row, main floor, yo. I’ll be able to see Tegan’s goofy lip piercing! I’ll be able to see their kooky tattoos! All I have to do now is wait until October!

Wall-E – We took TKT Part II to see the newest Pixar flick on Friday night and it was FANTASTIC. He was sooo excited he was practically doing cartwheels in the lobby. This marks his 4th trip to the theatre and the 2nd movie he made it through all the way. He got his own popcorn and pop and sat there and laughed and just had a blast.

Potty Adventures Part 29 – Afterwards, we went out to eat and he had to go potty like there was no tomorrow. Since we were far from home, we told him he had to use the bathroom at the restaurant. He didn’t want to. He wanted to use his own potty at home. We bribed him and told him we’d play pinball at the restaurant if he just sucked it up and used their crapper. He agreed. When he and I got into the bathroom, he screamed bloody murder. “I don’t want to!!!” He was foaming at the mouth he was getting so mad. So, I showed him how it was done and he still refused. I didn’t know what to do. We were 20 minutes from home and he was going to burst. As we turned to leave, he saw a small garbage can inside the stall. He pointed to it and said “Is that a little boy’s potty?” I said, “Uh…sure.” Folks, I’m ashamed to say that I lifted my son up and he urinated into a plastic bag-lined garbage can. It was my only option. I hope you can forgive me this one transgression. Well, two transgressions. He had to go again about a half hour later. Yeah. Oops.

Landscapin’ – We spent all of Sunday hackin’ and slashing the backyard up at our house in Woodbury, Minnesota. There was one heck of a weed garden back there and it was looking sick. So, we dug and hauled and worked our proverbial butts off trying to get the place looking tip-top. I’m happy to report, it looks awesome. We built a small little wall and laid down a small paver-stone wall around 7 little thickets of wild grass. I got to haul and shovel and bring down rocks, and stones and got the workout of a lifetime. We were corpses by the end of it all. Pictures coming soon? I sort of wish we did a before and after, but we never think to do that until the after.

January – For those of you who didn’t know, something’s coming in January of next year. While I wish I could say it was my retirement so I could concentrate all my time and energy on getting my books published and perfect, it’s even better. A new addition to our family is coming! For those that need it spelled out: LAURA IS PREGNANT! It’s been an interesting pregnancy thus far. She’s been a lot more tired and nauseated than she was with little Travis, so we’re anxious to get to the next stage when she doesn’t feel so itchy scratchy. We’re all very excited and Travis asks just about every other day: “Is the baby ready to come out?”

All right…that’s all I got for now. Hope you have a good 4th of July and all that, even if you’re not a dirty ol’ American! For crying out loud, be careful out there. Don’t blow your hands to smitereens.

Yer pal,