Unattainable Goal?

What it is, Tappers. What. It. Is.

So, I’m trying to set myself a goal for writing the much anticipated (well, I’M anticipating it!) next book in the GOODHALO series. And here is/are the catch(es):

1. I’m trying to get it drafted by the end of September.
2. I think it’s going to be 100,000 words or so.
3. I haven’t really given myself much of a break.
4. I have video games on my shelf STILL in the wrappers from 2 years ago.
5. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing.

I did some quick number crunching of what I’ve written thus far and what I still need to kick out (which is about as complex math I can handle) and I figured out how many words I’d have to kick out EVERYDAY in order to meet my goal.

1,420 WORDS!

Is that doable? You gots to remember, I wrote the ENTIRE first draft of ANNA 2.0 in 31 days last SHOCKTOBER and that sucker clocked in at 75, 203 words. That was like…2426 words a day. How the heck did I pull that off? Seriously.

So…I think I can do it. I gots to do it. I need the distraction to keep me from constantly checking me e-mail for bad news and to keep myself going. With the impending arrival of Bebe #2 a scant six months away, I need to get some words on the screen…with a quickness.

When ol’ Travis was born, I ceased production for around a year. It was really hard to do.

Let’s see if I can practice what I preach: Write like the wind, don’t look back and whatever you do for crying out loud…don’t stop!

Ugh. Me and my big mouth.