Stuff’s Happening

All kinds of stuff is happening around here these days. Here’s the Cliff Notes Version:

– Goodhalo is about 3 days from being done enough for me to read it, tweak it and send it to my 5 or so beta-reader peeps. (Clear a week out, people. You know who you are. It’s coming…)

– I’m going to write/direct a short film in less than 2 weeks. My friend Big J and I are entering the 48 Hour Film Project. If you haven’t heard of it, click the link and check it out. It’s a blast and we’ve DEFINITELY got our work cut out for ourselves. We’re casting this weekend!

– We’re landscapin’ fools. Laura and I totally prettied up our house and we’re still at it. Holler!

– I got a Wii Fit last week. It’s like the coolest thing ever invented. Too bad every place is sold out. I had a ‘premonition’ that the ghetto Target on the way home had one. I went in and they did. Crazy.

– I’m actually reading a good book. It’s Tunnels by Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams. They’re touting it as the book to fill the Harry Potter void. Hmmm… Not sure about that, but whatever. I’m hooked.

– Pancake Puffs? There’s a longer post forth-coming, but…they’re DELICIOUS!!! Seriously. I’m salivating now just thinking of them. We shot video, pictures, the works. Hot tip: Add milk chocolate chips. It’s a taste sensation!!!

– I’ve declared that Lost is the best TV show that’s ever been made. Ever. Ever. Ever. And to think…about 2 years ago, I really and truly hated TV.

– I blew it. Tappity Tappity had a 1 year anniversary last month, I think. I was going to do a look-back special, hosted by Dick Cavett and everything. Oops.

Okay…I’m off to bed. Thanks for making Tappity Tappity one of your places to waste time.

We (and by that I mean ‘I’) appreciate your patronage.