Seriously, Minneapolis. You’re Too Kind…

Hiya Tappers,

Well, it took every ounce of my strength not to rush home last night after the screening of “High School Drifter” and tell you how well I thought it went. We watched 11 short films last night. Some were really pretty good. Some were downright awful.

My little film (HSD) for short, played 3rd from the end. Not a bad spot in terms of staying in people’s minds.

A good handful of people from the cast and crew of our little flick showed up at the Riverview theatre and it was a good time all around.

From left: Riki Robinson(actor), Me, Jennifer Prettyman (actress), Big J

I don’t know. There’s something about being surrounded by a group of friends and filmmakers in a real honest-to-garsh theatre that makes a fella feel…alive? Is that the word? Sure. That’s the word I’m going to use for this.


When our twisted little film (with heart) started, I got the jitters. I immediately thought:

Man, what if this totally bombs?


Did I really have any business writing and directing a movie? About ninjas? Violent ones?

My fears were quickly put to rest when people started laughing at some of the ridiculous crap I wrote and had filmed. Dang. If I could pat myself and my crews backs for a moment, I just gotta say: WE ROCKED THAT THING.

Okay, let me wipe the ego out of the corners of my mouth.

Oh…in other news:


That’s right, doctor. The audience voted (we all had to vote for 3) and HSD came out the winner. We find out the judges’ decision early next week, I think.

Anyway…that was a nice phone call from Big J this morning and I got all kinds of cool e-mails from friends and other people who heard the news.

Life is good! I guess I’m still a filmmaker after all. Holler!

Now to get myself ready to write up a query letter for the zombie book that just won’t go away: GOODHALO.

Let’s hope the streak continues…