Jack of All Somethings, Master of Whatevs

Hey there. You still hanging around this joint? Yeah? Well, let me slap your hand. Thanks for being there for me. Seriously, if you come to my house…Pancake Puffs. All you can eat.

And yes…I’m the worst. I’ve yet to show you the magic of P-Squared, but I assure you, once I make it through this coming weekend, all shall be revealed. And there’s video and there’s some pictures. I’m even sticking a chocolate chip Pancake Puff in my mouth with my bed hair fully intact. You won’t want to miss it. I see that as a jacket flap picture.


Anyway, I’m writing to let you know I’m heading into the beginning of a very fun and very taxing weekend. That’s right, doctor. This weekend is the Minneapolis/St. Paul weekend for the 48 Hour Film Project. It’s going to be 23 kinds of awesome in an edible shell.

TKT, I’m too lazy to click the link. What’s the low-down?

Oh, you. You always were one of those types. Well, here’s the quick n’ dirty version of it. We have exactly 48 hours to make a 7 minute film/video. We don’t even get to work ahead of time. That’s not COMPLETELY true. We get to find a location and get some actors lined up (check & check!) but we don’t know if we’re doing a drama, a comedy, a western, musical, etc… It’s all decided tomorrow night at 7:00. We also find out three elements that must be included in our film and ALL the other films in the running. They’ll be:

– A piece of dialogue (a couple years ago it was: ‘Do you have a breath mint?’
– A prop (we had to have a balloon that said ‘Congratulations’ on it)
– A character (a few years prior it was D. Poe – Former Runway Model)

So, we’ve got a great cast, some crazy ideas that we’ll try to bend around whatever genre we pick and then it’s a race to the finish. My family (Travis & Laura) are heading south to stay with the in-laws for the weekend. My dog Nigel is going to the ‘puppy hotel’ and I get to be a real live movie director for the weekend.

Heck, I get to write the thing too!

Anyway, just wanted you all to know what’s been consuming me for the past week. My friend Big J and I are going to take home 48 Hour Film Project gold!!!

(here’s where you applaud and get out of your seat)

P.S. I saw the Kanye West/Rhianna/N.E.R.D./Lupe Fiasco concert last night. Cra-zy.