High School Drifter…On YouTube?

Hiya kids.

Just a real quick update. I’ve had a lot of folks ask if I’ll be able to put High School Drifter (my new film) on YouTube.

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

And why, you might ask?

Well, it’s sort of complicated. Since we used a couple of SAG actresses in our film, we aren’t allowed ot post it on any site that gains a profit from the film. Since YouTube has all sorts of ads n’ stuff slapped all over it…we can’t post it there.

However…we CAN post it on a site if it serves as a resume of sorts. You know? Something that showcases my work as an author/filmmaker. So…once I look through the contracts we had to sign with the Screen Actors Guild, I’ll have a better idea and will be sure to let you all know where to see my twisted little film.

Deal? Proper.

We’re actually spending a bunch of time this coming week fixing up HSD for the next 3 contests were going to enter it into. Since we’re not limited to keeping at 7 minutes anymore, we’re going to add some of the stuff we had to trim out and make it cleaner, better, stronger.

Sort of like the 6 Million Dollar Man, except, you know…much cheaper.

Stay tuned!

P.S. Jonesin’ for some 48 Hour Film Project stuff? I guess there’s a site called www.48.tv where they show all kinds of films from the festival. Something tells me HSD will show up there sometime. When I know, you’ll know!