Goodbye Mr. Conductor

Sort of a bummer today. George Carlin, one of my all-time standup comics, passed away last night. He was one of those guys you either ‘got’ or you didn’t and I think I definitely fell in the former category. I said, many years ago, that if he were to start up a religion, I’d probably be an altar boy at his church.

He said a lot of things that pushed people’s buttons (organized religion, politics, cigar-smoking businessmen) and I loved the fact that he’d find where the line was and boldly step across it without hesitation.

More than anything, he got me to look at things in different ways. He loved to stab at people who took things waaaaay too seriously. Sure he sounded angry a lot, sure he had a mouth that could make a sailor blush, but still…he had a real gift for taking the truth and laying it right in front of our noses…no matter how ugly it was.

Say what you will about Mr. Carlin, but I feel like a huge void had been left in the world of comedy today.

Thanks for the laughs, George.

Your fan,