Strike Up the Band…

Tappers, it’s been a long time since I gave all a y’all an update on where Little T is in regards to his potty-training. I know you’ve been sitting on pins and needles, so let’s get to it.

After weeks and months of trying to get him to ‘drop a deuce’ in the potty, Travis is now official! I was at an extremely dull firefighter drill last night (legal stuff in the most horrible video ever created) and when I got home, Laura was like:

“You need to go see your son.”

It was after 9:00pm, so he was in bed already. I figured he just wanted me to give him a goodnight hug and kiss, so I went in there. As soon as I opened the door to his room, he sat up. He sort of mumbled something I couldn’t hear, so I got closer.

“What did you say, buddy?”

“I did a poopy.”

You’d think we’d discovered Texas tea in our backyard. I got all excited and hugged him and told him how very proud of him I was. He laughed and kept saying “Yeah. I did it!” over and over. We gave each other high-fives, he stole my nose and ate it a few times (don’t ask) and we reminisced on the days when he’d go somewhere to hide and load his pants up.

Ah…the good ol’ days.

But wait….there’s more!

Remember the Pancake Puff commercial? Chances are if you haven’t turned your sound down, you can still hear the glorious sounds of deliciousness a couple posts down. Anyway, if you thought I wasn’t going to order it…you were wrong. That sucker is due at my house ANY DAY NOW. It’s a big thing at our house and we can hardly wait for it to get here so we can go bug-puff-crazy.

And yes, there will be video.

I feel like it’s almost time to talk about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’ll wait a couple days, but I think we need some discussion about this flick. But let me make this clear:

I didn’t hate the movie. For reals. I did think it was the worst of the series, however.

We’ll discuss…