See Ya, Big Old Stone Face Book!

Well, that’s that.

I’ve sent off my draft of Mount Rushmore to my editor just minutes ago and I sort of feel like I miss working on it already.

Is that crazy? Me!

Mr. Fiction!
Mr. I Want To Do Important Books About Zombies!
Mr. I Never Liked History In High School!
Mr. I’m Going To Wait Until the 11th Hour To Write It, But Dang It Was Sort Of Fun!

It was fun. I learned so much crap about Mount Rushmore, I’m actually frightened by it. And (allow me to pat myself on the back, here) I packed it all into 801 words! The word count limit was 700-800 words, but I suspect there’ll be some edits, y’all.

So yeah, what is to be Published Book #2 is off to that magical place where books are scrutinized, torn apart and reassembled into something sort of like what I wrote in the first place. Kind of cool.

Now, to get friggin’ Goodhalo all done. It’s taking waaaaay longer than I’d like…