Puff the Magic…Pancakes?

We got a parcel in the mail today.

Little TKT is almost as excited as I am about the parcel. And yes, that’s
our real ‘welcome’ mat. We’re really friendly, though. For reals.

When we pulled up to the house (after a delicious dinner) I expressed my disappointment that the parcel I’ve been eagerly awaiting hadn’t shown up yet. Travis asked what we were talking about and we told him to guess.

Me: Remember the thing we were talking about? That we’re getting in the mail?

Travis: What thing? Is it for me?

Me: It’s going to be a present for the whole family.

Travis: What is it?

Me: It makes something delicious for breakfast.

After a moment, I think it hit him. In typical Travis fashion, whenever he figures something out, he whispers his answer. It was faint, but it was there…that mouthwatering alliterartion…

Travis: Pancake Puffs...

The box is heavy. Hey, kid … You want Pancake Puffs? You gotta earn it.

Even though he’d already eaten. Travis was ready for Pancake Puffs…NOW.
Soon, Little H.R. Pancake Puffinstuff…soon.

So, the stage is set for Saturday morning’s breakfast. We hope to document the whole thing for the 2 or 3 people that still read this scattered blog.