Did Someone Say ‘Delicious?’

Okay, so I just saw the greatest thing ever on TV the other day and I’d be remiss not to pass on the excitement and value to you, ever-loyal readers.

Behold…the greatest invention ever made: It’s Pancake Puffs!

So, you’re trying to tell me not only do I get to eat like my favorite breakfast treat ever (PANCAKES) but in a nice n’ convenient ball…er, puff?


I mean, look at that stack of puffs drowning in mouthwatering syrup! Sure, it’s maple, but I totally envisioned rivers of clear, sugary Karo syrup dripping down that mountain of deliciousness.

Whoa!!! You can actually squirt chocolate and noogat into those babies, too?


Get right out of town! I can say goodbye to pizza delivery? I can actually put meat inside these puffs? When does the magic wear out? Does it? Can it?

If you think I’m not ordering one of these, you’re absolutely crazy.

This thing is going to revolutionize breakfast (and the eating of meals of food) forever.

Believe that.