All Sorts of Awesome!

It’s picture day here on Tappity Tappity. Aren’t you glad you tuned in? Hey, I am.

Tasty Friday – In my craziness of last week, I neglected to tell you how well ‘FREE CHIPOTLE FOR 20 PEOPLE AT WORK ON MY LAST DAY OF WORK’ went.

It went well. People ate. People rejoiced. People gained about 800 calories each. I had to hug some people as they realized they were never going to see me again…you know, besides in the funny papers, and much deliciousness was had last week.

The dude from Chipotle (the guy who brought the thunder) wanted to get a shot of Neal and I.

Done and done.

It’s almost high noon and people are eating like it’s their last meal. Boo-ya!

The Iowa/Minnesota Summit of 2008 – Any regular reader of my blog will know Dan from This Man’s World. If you were here for Nerdery Week back in February, you’ll know what kind of pioneers Dan and I are on the blogger scene. Actually, I don’t know what we pioneered, but it’s really making this meeting of the minds sound all that more exciting, isn’t it?

So, yes. I was honored to have both Dan (her husband) and Heidi (his bride) join me for a delicious meal at Matt’s Bar on Cedar. The place is well-known in these here parts for having probably the tastiest burger this side of Hackensack. How does a fat burger with molten cheese in the middle sound? How about a basket of fries that are as addicting and as tasty as crack?

You know, if crack truly is tasty. I have no idea. I’m more of a heroin guy, myself.*

Anyway, nothing could stop D & H from finding their way to Matt’s door. Not construction. Not the Mall of America. Certainly not the disgusting price of gasoline. ($3.65? I’m driving my truck into a river)

We met. We talked like a handful of people who like…already know each other and we ate like pigs. I thought it would be weird, you know? It’s one thing to read people’s blogs and quite another to shake hands and say: Hi, I’m Thomas of Tappity Tappity fame. Welcome to my state.

I didn’t say that. But I should’ve.

Next time. Next time.

Anyway, it was good to see these crazy kids live and in person. Right about now, they’re probably seeing Dolly Parton live and in person. I hope she dedicates 9 to 5 to Dan. That’d make his year, methinks.

Thomas. This is garbage. I don’t believe you met THE Dan and Heidi.

Believe it, sucka.

Here I’m showing Dan some of the finer parts of SE Minneapolis.
Behind us, a guy smokes a cigarette into a window.

What they’re thinking: Okay, as soon as he takes the picture…RUN!

You know what would be the coolest? And also the thing that would be near impossible? To have like a big ol’ meet up with some of the all-stars that frequent this blog and some others. It could be like an earth-shattering event. Too much awesome for the state of Minnesota to contain.

We couldn’t handle it.

* Just kidding, Mom!