Stuffity Stuff

Hiya Tappers!

Well, as per usual, I’m busier than…er, um…someone who’s real busy. It’s been insane both on the work front, the writing front and the warm front we have moving into Minnesota.

Ha ha. See what I did there?

Anyway, I thought I’d shoot out a couple little nuggets of stuff out for those interested in seeing where I’m at with things. It’s totally your call. You can stick around and read this or you’re more than welcome to move onto the next blog on your huge list.

Tappity Tappity: We’re Totally Low Pressure, Yo. TM

Patrick’s Super Socks Haiku Contest Du Jour: I’m having a really hard time deciding which haiku I like best. Since my entire staff* has packed up and left for greener pastures, I’m left to decide all by my lonesome. I’ve got it narrowed down to the 2 I like best, but from there, I’m useless. Hmmm…maybe I should make YOU decide. We’ll see how that works. Regardless, I plan to have the winner announced on Monday, which is like April 7th, 2008.

*Editor Note: Tappity Tappity has never had anyone on staff besides TKT. Not even an editor. He’s dreaming.

Mount Rushmore Book: Well, it’s official. I’m writing a book for Picture Window Books for their American Symbols series, tenatively titled: Mount Rushmore. I had hoped we could call it “A Bunch of Old Faces On a Mountain”, but they’ve got other plans. I got the contract this week, signed it up all nice-like and sent it back post haste. Am I nerd for scanning each and every piece of the contract into my computer for nostalgic reasons? Yeah. I thought so, too.

Number 2: He’ll probably want me dead when he’s like 13 or so, but lil’ TKT dropped a deuce in the ol’ thunderbucket last night. It’s been a long time coming, so there was much celebrating in the house. Along with this monumental event, he recently started STANDING at the ol’ crapper to take care of Number 1. Sorry for the potty talk, but this dad is triple proud, y’all. I’m so happy, I could cry.

Goodhalo: It’s been kind of cool. Lately, I’ve had some people asking how my ‘epic’ zombie/cleric/adventure is coming along. It’s almost like people are sort of excited to read it…or you know, they’re tired of hearing about it. One of the two. Anyway, I’m plugging away at Draft #3, and then I’m going to release it to my select crew of beta readers (there’s like 6) and I’ll get to sit back and wonder if it’s any damn good. I’m guessing by then I’ll be sketching out the plans for Goodhalo 2 and maybe tinkering with Anna 2.0.

All right. I’ve taken up enough of your time, but I’ll leave you with a bit of Nerdery.

I want THIS:I can has it?