Okay, Joke’s Over. It’s April!

Ha, ha Mother Nature! You sure got us here in Minnesota. It was a well-played joke and we all had a laugh as we slipped and slid on the 8 inches of snow you dumped on us. The lady with the mint green minivan was doubling over in a gale of giggles as it went off of Radio Drive into the ditch in front of the Jamba Juice.

You stinker!

This April’s Fool joke was much better than the lame one Google came up with this year.

But seriously, Mama N. We all fell for it and it’s time to come clean. You can go ahead and get rid of all this snow. I mean, for reals! It’s Spring up in here. Says so on the calendar and everything. See? Back here on March 20th!

Uh…Mother Nature?