The Video? Well, Okay…

Okay, so I’m TOTALLY putting my pride on the line here, but I guess I’m a sucker for sharing stuff. Remember how I was pretty much AWOL the last couple o’ weeks? You know, a piddly little post here, a contest over there? Well, I’m prepared to show you a piece of what I was up to.

You see, we had an upcoming ‘fun’ team meeting of sorts. Life at work has been stressful to say the least and my boss’s boss had a conversation with me that went a little something like this:

Boss’s Boss: So, Thomas. I hear you’ve got some video experience.

TKT: Oh, a little. You know, this n’ that.

BB: You think you can whip up a video for us? I think we could use a little humor.

TKT: Maybe. What’s the lowdown? When does it need to be done?

BB: Two weeks.

(sound of pants exploding)

TKT: Yeah. Cool. I think.

For the record, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to do something that quickly, especially starting from scratch. I had to write, direct and shoot most of it myself. Was I ready for the challenge?

Heck. Yes.

Here’s the deal, party people. This video was to be done DURING work, between classes that I teach and with absolutely no budget. The one thing I had in spades was talent (not mine, silly rabbit!) in the people that I work with. It turns out they’re HILARIOUS actors and I got really lucky. So, with nothing for a budget and nothing in the way of equipment, I set about writing a script.

Did that in a day. All 12 pages of it. Holler!

As I mentioned before, I ended up doing a send-up of ‘The Office’, based on the place where we work and creating a bunch of odd-ball characters. The format was easy and it had a built in crap factor to it, so it was a win-win, mostly. I’m not going to show you any of that video because there’s a lot of inside jokes and stuff and it probably wouldn’t do much for you. However, the opening credits are (in my opinion) AMAZING. It totally captures the mood of ‘The Office.’ I was pretty proud of it.

But…to get right to it, we decided to have a couple of commerical breaks. So, I wrote up two short little commercials and a friend of mine from work and I decided to also do an homage to the now infamous ‘Lazy Sunday’ video from Saturday Night Live.

For those who haven’t seen it (and I hadn’t 3 weeks ago) here it is:

(Fair warning: There’s implied swearing in the video, but it’s tastefully censored)


So, we decided to do our version of the song, but call it ‘Crazy Monday’ and instead of rapping about cupcakes and going to see The Chronicles of Narnia, we just went off about our favorite place to eat: Chipotle.

Yes. We’re sad, sad, talentless white boys.

Anyway, here it is…’Crazy Monday.’ Everytime I watch it, I think of how much better it could be with a little more time and a bit of a budget. Considering we had neither, I think it turned out all right.

(Fair warning: This, like its cousin, has implied swearing too. Just sayin’…)


So there you have it. Now, I swear I’m back to editing Goodhalo. Full time, y’all.