Non-Fiction Nugget News

Hey Tappers,

Just a quick little bit of info to pass on. I was just officially ‘assigned’ a book from the people at Picture Window Books (the same cats who published Patrick’s Super Socks) to write a non-fiction picture book about Mount Rushmore. The kicker? I’ve got to have it ready for action by May 15th.

It should be interesting considering:
– I’m not a history type of guy
– I’ve never been to SoDak to see ol’ Mt. Rushmore
– I’ll need to do research and all kinds o’ stuff
– They’ll do an illustrated picture of me for the backflap. THAT should be hilarious.
– I’m still in deep with my current projects

But, who doesn’t love a challenge? I sure as heck do! It’ll be nice to work on something different when GOODHALO is out on the streets, shaking hands with agents and wooing editors with its zombie-esqe qualities.

Agent: Hello! Goodhalo, is it? I don’t think we’ve met.
Goodhalo: Braaaains…
Agent: Indeed.

Anyway, the Mount Rushmore book is slated to be released early next year, I believe. I’m of the firm belief that even though it’s not THE BOOK or even THE BIG ONE, it’s another tick mark for me to have a published work out there in the world.

Hey…it can’t hurt, right? Holler!