I Feel I’ve Let You All Down. Yes, Even You.

Friends of the internet blog pages,

I apologize for my absence. It was like I showed up with promises of treats and other delights and left you hanging when I didn’t show up with the box of goodies on Thursday thru today. It makes me feel like I’m an awful person and not a man of my word.

Well, it’s like this…

Okay, so that’s not going to really convey what’s happening over here in the icy tundra I like to call home. Not even close. So, I’ll just say this/these:

  • I’m crazy busy. Work is kicking me in the stomach and hitting me over the head with a shovel for good measure.
  • I’m spending nearly every moment of free time (except now) getting GOODHALO tip-top. Quality takes time, yo.
  • I did get a whole box o’ books last week. Aw, yeah.
  • I’m trying to cook up a REALLY cool way of giving away a copy of my lil’ kids book PATRICK’S SUPER SOCKS. I want it to be fantastic, I want it to be like the coolest contest ever. I don’t want it to be a ‘Caller 8’ type of thing.

So, a bit of patience, okay? I’m only one man. A man with feelings. A man who gets hurt. And when you yell at me, I feel it…and I hurt.

Anyway. More later. Just don’t do anything foolish like keep checking while there are cookies in the oven. For one thing, I wouldn’t want you to burn those cookies.

Also, cookies are delicious.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is this: I like cookies.