Contest! You Cool? Then Haiku!

People of the internet!

It’s time. Time to unleash my first contest here on good ol’ Tappity Tappity. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do to give away a copy of my little book Patrick’s Super Socks and due to budget and time constraints, I couldn’t do the super, awesome contest to end all contests that I had planned.

Nope. So I’m going to make it simple.

To be entered into the running to win a copy of Patrick’s Super Socks all you have to do is write a haiku. That’s it!

Uh, TKT? Yeah…I suck at poetry and I don’t even know what a haiku is.

Hey, join the group. I’m awful at poetry and stand in marvel at people who can actually write them. I’m even more impressed with people that can read poetry and not fall asleep, but that’s just me!

But, I do like me a good haiku. For the uninitiated, it goes a little something like this.

Oh, orange delight
You make my mouth smell better
Delicious Tic-Tacs.

I know. A masterpiece, right? All it is is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Count ’em off. Enter it into the comments and you’re entered into the running. Enter as often as you like, there’s no obligation!

What does the haiku have to be about? Tic-Tacs?

Not everyone is as inspired by little one and a half calorie breath mints like I am. I understand this. Write the haiku about ANYTHING you want. Anything. I’m easy that way. You know, like Sunday morning.

When’s this ridiculous assignment due?

Glad you asked Voice of the Internet!

Let’s have all entries in by March 31st, 2008 by MIDNIGHT! If it’s April Fool’s Day, then the jokes on you and you know…thanks for playing and stuff.

To recap:

1. Write a haiku (remember 5,7,5!)
2. Slap that puppy in the comments of THIS post (you know, so everyone can enjoy it!)
3. Sit patiently and/or write another mind-boggling haiku that’s even better than the first or 51st you wrote.
4. Cross fingers.
5. Check back here on April 1st to see who won. It could be you!

Any questions?
Let’s do this thing, Tappers!