Red Lining Done!

In a bit or irony, I’ve finished red-lining GOODHALO. Sort of fitting on Valentine’s Day, eh? You know with the red and the zombies and the…


Anyway. It’s a big step toward being closer to getting this puppy ready for ‘prime time.’ As quick as I am with other parts of this process, technical editing is always (for me) the most TEDIOUS part of the whole process. I’d much rather write 18 more books than have to tech-edit one.

But…that’s the way it’s done…at least in my funky little world.

Here’s a small sample of what a part of one page of GOODHALO looks like, red-lined and all.

Man…doesn’t that look like FUN? Actually, this is what just about EVERY page of my manuscript looks like. I mean, it’s not the same words or anything like that, but it’s chock-full of red. Again, this is my process. I tend to draft it fast to keep my short attention span in check and then it’s a bit more fun to transcribe the changes, punch it up a bit, give it another scrutinizing read-through and then incorporate needed changes and suggestions from my fabulous critique partners.

Oh, how I’d love this thing to be ready by Spring. That’s what I’m shooting for. The second installment is pounding on the door like you wouldn’t believe.

All right. My work is done here. Hope you had a decent V-Day, y’all.