Nerdery Week Is Coming!

Hello friends of blog-reading!

Sometimes an idea strikes you and you have no choice but to pull off the side of the road, hop out of the car and shout to the heavens:


Sometimes the ideas aren’t that great and you kind of shrug a little bit and say ‘eh’ while you make a left hand turn into the parking lot of the local coffee barn for a steaming cup of pulverized bean juice. You can decide which category the following fits in.

A blogging pal (it’s Dan over at This Man’s World) and I are in the formative stages of dedicating an ENTIRE week to…(wait for it)


It’s going to be double deluxe awesome. We’ll show you scenes from our respective nerd lairs. You’ll see the places where we keep our you’re-too-old-for-that action figures! You’ll see trinkets that would’ve been best left at Target (or any other value superstore), and all kinds of stuff. Heck, there might be videos! There might be pictures! There might be carelessly crafted haikus about my autographed Selma Hayek picture.

Who would want to miss that???

Wow, TKT. I’ve got a nerdery/study/office/shack in the back where I dry out animal skins that I would like to share with the blogging world, too. Can I get in?

My answer: Heck, yes friend. You can get in on the ground floor.

While it’s still in the formative stages, I’m planning on linking back and forth to other nerderys/offices/etc. so that we can all see where the magic happens.

But TKT, I just have a cubicle. Also, I like to eat paste.

That’s okay, fella/fellete! Any nerdery will do. Any. Nerdery. Will. Do.

Stay tuned, party people. We’re about to blow the lid offa this one.