Nerdery Week: Day 7

Better late than never, eh?

Well, I took a cue (and a hint) from Dan over at This Man’s World and I decided to follow his (and Wendy Withers) lead and throw a video post up there.

A couple things you should know:

– I hate the way my voice sounds
– I’m really not all that itchy under my hat
– I say ‘um’ a lot when I don’t know what to say
– My basement (and subsequently, the Nerdery) is cold tonight
– Also, I could’ve shaved
– The camera adds like 30 pounds

Okay…go ahead and play it. I have no idea how long I’ll leave this up here.

Anyway, it’s been fun opening up the Nerdery to all of y’all. We’ll definitely have to figure out something cool (and a little less complicated) to do again down the road.

I’m not going to lie, I’m glad we’re done. My editing output (or would that be input?) has really suffered this past week. I should see some real progress now!!!

For all those jumping into the Nerdery fray late in the game, here are the people who posted a bit of themselves over the course of the week…

Dan – This Man’s World
Matt – Blue Birdland
Cate Gardner/Phoenix Rendell – The Poisoned Apple
Wendy Withers – The Musings of Wendy Withers
Susan Sandmore (a.k.a. Jaina Solo)
Caryle – Caryle’s Corner
Angela & Becca – The Bookshelf Muse
Uvula Pie – Uvula Pie & His Amazing Hillbillies

Thanks guys. Stay cool…stay cool forever.*

*That’s a quote from ‘Beautiful Girls.’ Go rent it!