Happy Birthday Travis!

It absolutely FLOORS me that my little guy is 3 years old today. I swear, Laura and I were just getting used to feeding him, waking up at all hours of the night and wondering if we were in over our heads. Now, I can’t even imagine what it’d be like if this little fella wasn’t a part, if not the main focus of our lives.


We had his party on Saturday and even though the weather was absolutely horrible, the temperatures were unspeakable, and half of the family couldn’t make it, he was in great spirits. It’s amazing to me that at such a young age he knows that something is up. He was completely wired and just on a ‘it’s-my-birthday’ high all day.

He scored big time. He got an ungodly number of cars to add to the 800+ that he already owns. My brother got him a robot that smashes cars, my parents got him an art easel, we got him a bowling set, a soccer ball and net, and on and on… The funny thing? He’s going to see the other half of the family this week where he’ll have yet another b-day party and score more gifts.

There are benefits to being the first grandkid, I guess!

Tonight, we’re going to tear the town up. We’re hitting the indoor park (which he LOVES like nothing else), we’ll get something to eat, and we might take in a movie. Basically, we’re going to make the best out of a Monday birthday in the frigid, unforgiving Midwest. Heck, we’ll probably eat some more of that Spongebob b-day cake.

This is livin’, y’all.

Happy Birthday, little buddy. You’re the best!